What would my Doctor likely think?

I told him that at the time I was ill I was reading alot of dystopian fiction and I think I took it a bit to heart. Like 1984 George Orwell etc. He seemed pretty serious about it. Then he asked what I am reading now.

When I was ill, I believed I was living in a highly sophisticated surveillance system to the point that people could read my mind. I was receiving messages from the tv/radio/internet/media. I thought they spoke directly to me. I was paranoid about the number 666 given that it is on all the police cars in my city as their confidential hotline. I had been reading the Book of Revelation.

This is 100% common among schizophrenics… if you can look at any of us and see how it just doesn’t make sense to see it that way… then you have a chance to sort of transcend being stuck in that perspective within yourself. You are no different than we… and we just sound crazy.

Anyways only your doctor is going to know what your doctor thinks… beyond that… it’s technologically impossible to read minds at this point. The only way telepathy would work is through natural physiological means… something even scarier…

We don’t know how the mind really does much of anything in reality… and even the highest realms of science are still convoluted and not wanting to prove that the brain is just a sack of chemicals with nothing really special or magical going on in there aside form it functioning as it’s supposed to… or otherwise.

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