What would I like to learn more

Russian language, but somehow I am too tired and I have no concentration to study anything, maybe in next five years.


I know a bit of Russian from before, but in many years with no one to talk to, I’ve forgotten most of it.

Now I just watch YouTube videos “Fun Army” fails. It’s good for laughs.

I’d like to learn how to play the keyboards like a pro.

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What about mathematics? You once said you find it interesting.
You could buy some geometry or fun math books and solve problems as a hobby.

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Due to cognitive impairment i couldnt improve what i do …

Too old and brain been through a bit. Would have liked to earn a degree in English Liturature. I used to love reading and I do love a good conversation. Sadly I had to pull out of an undergraduate degree because of mental problems.

Good news. After like 10 years not doing it I’m back reading every night. It takes some effort but glad I’m back into it!


Thats great australian hero …keep it up …??? Read more books …

I have always sucked at foreign languages tried French and failed terribly so no languages for me…I would like to finish my last semester in college but I still have a problem reading and concentrating so am kind of eff’ed