What would happen if I punch the person trying yo inject me?

against my will. I’ve been recalled on my CTO. The police are coming to get me and take me to hospital. I refuse to have the injection. I promise I am going to get violent if they forcible insect me. I’m not a violent person but I’m very angry with my treatment. I am fuming!!!

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Man it’s for your own good. It will help you i think


@bobbilly, If the authorities have decided that you need an antipsychotic injection then, you must need it. Why fight against it? It might help you. They will hold you down forcibly and administer the injection and if all your muscles are stiff and contracted with resistance, the shot will most likely hurt like heck. Your muscles have to be relaxed in order for the shot not to be painful. Take it from me. Depending on which medication you receive, some of these injections can really hurt if you are not completely relaxed. So, I suggest you give in and relax completely.


They probably renew the CTO because you indicate you’ll stop meds if they do stop the CTO .

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Am I the only one who sees human rights violations in the way they treat us?

Diabetics sometimes need to take insulin to survive, but if they refuse to take their meds they don’t send the police to arrest them, take them to a clinic to forcibly inject them against their will.

We use the euphemism “Assisted Outpatient Treatment” where I live and it was very difficult for me to get released from it. It took hiring a private lawyer at a very high cost to my family and starting legal proceedings against them to get them to drop me.

Edit: One thing I wanted to add to answer the original question… don’t punch anyone because that is assault and they will use that against you to keep you on community treatment for a much longer time. They will bring that up in any court proceedings in which you try to get off community treatment. And you might even do jail time for it because it is illegal.

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But OP said: What if i punch someone? Indicating he might be/become agressive with others. A danger. You judge

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Yes, it is quite illegal, and he should not do it to anyone, and should not even say it (or write it) because they would use it against him. But I can certainly understand his anger about the way he is being treated. I felt that way when they were forcing me to take meds that made me feel absolutely horrible, too. Akathisia and tardive dyskinesia are no laughing matter. Not to mention weight gain, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular damage, and the beginnings of erectile dysfunction. These meds are serious business, and it is my opinion that we should have informed consent about whether or not we take them. They did not warn me about any of these potential side effects. And when I complained about them, they just ignored me, and said I was psychotic and that’s why I was complaining.


Where are the human rights in allowing people to live vastly impoverished lives due to not receiving treatment? How is that caring for the welfare of such people?

But what about the side effects?

I just got my recall papers - they have wrote a lot of thought withdrawal about me = thought withdrawal… that was in my last recall. they copy and paste. It makes me anxious because the police are coming for me.

I’m taking my meds gladly. I was wondering what happens if a healthy person takes meds. I think they will get a pleasent high. It’s the disease that makes you think meds are bad. For a healthy person they feel really good.

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With drug prices, the disability systems, and the progression of the illness we are likely going to be impoverished anyway. The drugs often allow us to work sometimes, or at least stay out of prison, or the streets. Unless you are a very high functioning schizophrenic like an Elyn Saks who respond very well to treatment or can go without it at all you don’t have good choices. Unfortunately to me it doesn’t appear like @Bobbilly is one of the lucky ones.

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