What would be your Social Status?

Luckily I already finished college before my psychosis. However now after it, not quite sure. Definitely can’t be a correctional officer since that’s a stressful job. Maybe security.

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I have my Cosmetology license still, I was a haircutter for almost 14 years before my Dx made it way too much stressful.
Always loved Forensic Detective work…sigh.

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I studied BA English until I became physically disabled. And the common question I got was, “Can you do anything with that??” I think the same question gets shared to all humanities majors.

If I am well enough to return to school, I would love to work for a NGO- like a charity. At this moment, I want to graduate with English and become a Special Ed teacher. I’m just not in a good physical and mental state rn :frowning:

I would have continued working in a daycare, or I would have finished my “General studies” degree and moved on to becoming a writer or a teacher or something.

i would have made different decisions. Maybe i would be ignorant to mentally ill people.
My understanding of the world would be different. I can;t tell because i never have a perspective of a nonschizophrenic who never hear voices or be paranoid. I certainly would have a universitydegree.
I am QBE (qualified by experience).

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Third echelon, Cop, just like MelGibson.

Computer programmer/game designer

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