What would a normal person do?


Try to imagine, or perhaps you are doing it.

For examples (a normal person would have…)

  • Recognize that the heart can be treacherous and the need to study the Bible.(for Christian only)
  • Interest in the opposite sex and not reluctant to get close to him or her.
  • Difficulty to analyze his or her own mind.
  • Ability to laugh naturally
  • Ability to keep correct posture; Know when to start and end a discussion without hassle.
  • Appreciate the value of money and understand the importance to save money

I mean normal people have their own problems. Even we as the persons currently fighting with schizophrenia may face the similar problems after recovery.


I couldn’t do most of what you had mention,like the opposite sex,conversation but I do have interest over sports like football or badminton…I feel I lack normal Hunan thinkibg but at least I had something that keeps me going,haha


It is good that you found out what is your strength or talent. As for your weakness, you can overcome it soon.


Thank you plumber*,why did you change your username btw??plumber was a nice nick…


The old account was associated with Google. Since I have deleted my Google account, access to ‘Plumber’ username is no longer allowed. I use Yahoo to sign in and have to create a new username. Thank you, you liked the old username. It is just an ordinary English noun.


What’s religion got to be with being normal? I know many well adjusted people who don’t believe in god! God is just an imaginary friend for Adults anyway!

Look up hypersexualty. The list goes on…


I’m sorry I have to be more careful when picking the examples.

As for the first example, it only applies to Christian.


Good writing! All men are usually addicted to opposite sex. Every men know that what he/she is doing is right. Normally fault can’t catch by ourselves. But when we go others to ask for this task he/she may might catch the fault. It’s natural!


yes, been doing that for years, as well as prayer and acting on faith, living by faith…anyone can read the Bible…it must be taken to heart and put into action as well…

Yes, but I may add only with one person…not cheating, sleeping around, flirting with every girl or guy you meet, etc. (Too many people do that and it causes harm all the way around)

I won’t even try LOL… seriously, who can know their own mind in an analytic way? But to discern what thoughts are good or evil, what one should act upon and not act upon, what may be delusional, or is it real, these I do.

Not a problem…

Depends on who thinks what posture is ‘correct.’ I was accused of ‘squirming’ at an evaluation…nonsense… I just can’t sit still for 2 hours like some mindless automaton. Besides she wrote in another part of the eval I appeared to be scanning the entire room looking for cameras… I was scanning the room looking at some of the cool stuff and books on the shelves and walls…cameras was an afterthought…anywyas the squirming was actually me shifting to look around…I take in my surroundings and shouldn’t be judged for it by some newbie therapist…
Starting and stopping conversations will differ depending on who you have a convo with…some people like a lot of talk, others don’t, so you have to kind of feel your way through with each person.

Not a problem…was a problem in my teen years to early 20s…it mostly went for partying, though I did make sure to pay my rent when I had rent to pay.


i will be normal…
and the normal person can have my mind…they would not last 1 second in my head.
take care :alien:


I’m not sure normal people can do these things very well. Actually most can’t :smile:


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Old Username

Thank you for sharing these with us. I am amazed that you were able to expand each point with details.
As for the posture, I especially find your experience humorous.


I don’t think I can change the email address as it’s part of the authentication process but yes the username can be changed.


What should I do to change my username to ‘Plumber’?


I can change it if it is what you want.


Sure. Please proceed.