What works as well as Loxapine?

So last year I got out on Loxapine as a supplement to my Geodon. It greatly helped my paranoia and voices and my insomnia got better. Well too bad for me because apparently there’s a shortage. I was only able to be on it for about three months before every single pharmacy in my area no longer had any supply. This was also right around the time I had to switch to a new pdoc that the state assigned me, she didn’t prescribe anything to replace the Loxapine except gave me sleeping pills to help with my insomnia. So my paranoia and voices have been bad again, I’m wondering what else I could take to supplement Geodon that would help with this? And I can’t take Haldol I don’t react well to it.

Really a matter of what works for you personally. Not sure of what you’ve tried in the past. Loxapine is not frequently used so I imagine you’ve been on more than a few. I too have failed a lot of meds. They either have horrible side effects, or I get EPS from them. I found the sweet spot with Navane (Thiothixene), at 10 mg, twice a day. It doesn’t give me EPS, and it is quite unusual to gain weight from it, so winner-winner. Hope this helps.

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You’re in the states am I right. So you could try perpenazine or flufenazine. Both are two old school meds. Cheap and effective.