What will schizophrenia be called in 400 years time?

sz was once called dementia precox. how will people view sz in 400 years time?

we will be famous in 400 years time

Probably integration disorder. I actually think schizophrenia is fairly accurate. I do think the mind becomes oppositional to itself.

I heard they were going to change it. I think they were going to call it salience syndrome or something.

probably be a number or something lol like a cars engine C-max or a battery like Dura-cell haha
but i’ll be dead by then so we will never know unless you can time travel or can see in to the future

tbh i don’t like to think that far ahead as right now it seems so bleak then.

Hopefully they will have found a cure and discovered preventive measures. So when a baby in the womb shows signs the doctors will say, "He/she is showing signs of “4EG”. “Give the mother the “4EG” pill”, … and it will correct the problem.


Japan changed it.

We will be organised by then and taken over the world…So… Exalted Overlords

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I think they will probably just see it as psychosis and treat each case individually based on the symptoms present. Given the variety of symptoms present it is quite clear that it is not just one disorder. I only hope they come to master the understanding of the brain from there are will be rectified.

I think Japan calls it integration disorder. Quite like that.

i don’t think it will exist in 400 years time tbh. we will have mapped all the neurons in the brain by then and know how to micro manage their interactions with maybe an implanted modulator or some sort. xxx

i think it’s an integration disorder too. it’s kind of like the sub conscious turns in on itself against the individual suffering from it. xxx

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Yeah sounds accurate and non threatening. I see it as integrating all the senses into an overall cohesive accurate perception of reality

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we could be saints in 400 years

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The dark side of the Force

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What will schizophrenia be called in 400 years time?


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When the interdimensionals become common knowledge they would probably call it “interdimensional disorder”.

We’ve gotta have that scientific proof of them though.

Oh wait they already know and suppress it, nevermind.

you called !
take care

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It’ll be cured and no one else will ever suffer again!

Since the introduction of thorazine in the fifties we’ve made huge gains. Modern medications are better and less troublesome for most…it’s those ones who aren’t helped that will benefit from better, more targeted medications.

Much like dementia praecox it’ll be like the bubonic plague. Something you’ll only see in third world countries and easily treated!

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