What why for?

We broke it. But its back Tapioca pudding all around. Did anyone else think they got banned? Also I resorted to name calling on youtube best thing i came up with anderson cooper looks like a dark elf henchman to the badguy from thor 2…

The pigfather is angry with us. Forgive us pigfather!! All hail the pigfather!!


Sorry, not your fault at all, the forum ran out of disk space!

I logged in and cleaned up and upgraded while at it … so the end result is a much faster forum :slight_smile:

Over the next few weeks we will be moving the forum to the official Discourse hosting which should be even more faster :car: and more reliable.


Thats awesome thank you

yay! Man, you inspire me to do my programming hw. I like the new emoj/character/thingymicbobs

:octopus: :tophat: :cactus:
They are quiet fabulous.

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The pig fathers kinda moody…oh crap if he is mentioned 3 days his magic space mud ball will appear. Put on your nikes and drink the koolaid its pigfathers pick up day. Bring the taters and your first born.

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