What were your relapse like?

What was it like to have a schizophrenic relapse?

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If you’re not experienced with how your sanity train can slowly derail, all the little paranoia episodes pile up until you have an utter breakdown in some public place, leading to being committed.

If you have insight, you understand that process and can get help before a meltdown.


Ya it’s sneaky, there are what feel like epiphanies and realizations. Be wary.

Can you elaborate?

Hard to but sure. For me it started with thinking about my ex a lot drinking a ton and smoking a ton of weed. I started getting really angry at people while I was drinking. I had an argument with my mom and realized or so I thought I realized that she was behind a lot of things that were wrong in my life and I just started blaming everybody else. When I went off my meds that should’ve been a clue. I started to think the old thoughts about being the Messiah and things of that nature and it slowly turned into this battle with good and evil. All of my symptoms exacerbated. I started to feel much more alert and started sleeping less. I started to feel like I was the chosen one. I experienced other peoples feelings and voices intensified. I became convinced that I was correct about everything and would not listen to outside help. I found out I was homeless. I say I found out because it just sort of happened. I’m not sure what else to say it’s hard to see a relapse happening, it just happens. I started to believe demons were possessing people.


Mine happened when I was addicted to crack. It kind of interfered with my smoking but I guess that is a good thing.

Mine are usually the voices telling me stuff

My sickness never leave me. In the past I have thought that it would not come back nad I am healthy. But now I know it gonna come creeping back someday.

Felt like the whole world had this active personality to it. And it was interacting t with me thru people n coincidental stuff


My relapse was horrible. It happened a year ago. I am better now and prefer to focus on more positive things.

Last time i had a relapse - the police turned up - cos i swore blind the nurse was living below taking notes via microphones. Scared the crap out the poor old fella downstairs. Copper basically told me to take my pills and goto bed - or they would section 136 me. (thank god they knew me)

My insight slowly dwindles until im completley sucked in with my delusions. I dont get that bad these days - thanks to the depot - and me being more self-aware now.

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During my last relapse in 2015, I was very suspicious of the hospital staff, the doctors and nurses, like very paranoid of their motives and I was reading their minds. I was hallucinating continuous, nonstop, eerie organ music. I was visually hallucinating visions in the curtain surrounding my bed. I was also visually hallucinating people’s faces in the same curtain. I was not getting any sleep for two nights while at the hospital.

When I arrived home, the audio hallucinations continued. I began having closed eye hallucinations of extremely beautiful women, all of whom shape shifted into absolutely hideous and scary monsters. From that point, I was taken back to the hospital E.R. for Zyprexa/Ativan injections and sent back home where I fell asleep for 48 hours. I woke up free of psychosis.


I don’t think I’ve ever relapsed. Things just kept improving after the initial episode.

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I had a closed eye hallucination today.

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