What were your 3 greatest Joy's in life?

  1. Finding God
  2. My child’s birth
  3. My marriage to my wife

OK mine were

And jogging


I just love jogging in every way. It makes me feel uplifted and healthy.

  1. My friends
  2. My ex husband
  3. My family
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My reading ;
The weekly discussion with my son about everything;
Daily walk with my husband

  1. the day my wife and I got married
  2. getting our pet cat
  3. putting together an art show for my elderly dad’s art in a local cafe… It made him super happy
  1. traveling
    Not sure what else to put lol
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  1. Living with my x and his dogs was pretty perfect.

  2. riding my sacred neigh and being with loved ones.
    Ecstatic sex is a great feeling but it’s not solid enough I can have ecstatic sex with someone but be inlove with someone I have bad sex with but rather be with them any day because love them so much.

  3. getting my car and drivers license and the independence I have now is fantastic as the voices said they would make sure I never have a license etc.getting my pension is included because it helps me so much .


One of the happiest moments of my life was when my x was waiting for me by my car and my horse and I were riding in the warm summer rain.
I didn’t care it was raining heavy.
I loved it and was so happy riding back to my x.miss him.we had precious moments.

Exercise, my cat, seeing Europe


Getting Married and becoming a step father.

Living overseas for 2 years.

Charlie cat. 20 years she made and such an amazing kitty cat. I still miss her daily.

Meeting and dating my future wife.
Getting married.

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