What was your med that stopped voices?

Almighty Zyprexa, the king of antipsychotics. Currently on 60mg plus abilify and haldol

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I have had severe psychotic breaks along with auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations for around 20 years. The best for me is a high dose of a Clozaril-Zyprexa Zydis combination.

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I’m on the highest doasage of Invega and my voices finally stopped. I need to take it every three weeks instead of four though because it wears off early for me. I sleep just fine on Invega. I couldn’t sleep on the other meds. Invega is the only med that has stopped my voices.


Vraylar and Geodon together have stopped mine almost completely.

I’m on latuda and haldol. They help but not completely. But part of my illness isn’t just hallucinations but mania, anxiety and depression

No matter what I take seems to stop them.Now I’m having religious voices,and they are torturing for days.Sorry for posting again,support would be helpful.

I’m low fat and lower protein these days because of my diveriticulits.

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do you read or comment on others posts?

2 months later. okay.

Yes @Daze ,I’ve read from 2014 posts,people seem to have same problems as I,but it’s not helping.

Im sorry @anon70049667 my pdoc made it sounds like clozaril solves all symptoms. Im lucky in that i dont have voices often. Something my pnurse from the unit told me is that some symptoms will never go away. Not to be a defeatist. Theres probably a drug out there that will help. But in the mean time if its possible to find a way to deal with it better than that would be good. I go to bed every night expecting my father to kill me. Sucks but what am i to do.

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maybe there should be guidelines to the forum, that if you can’t make yourself available to others, you have too many problems.

There were times when my voices subsided,on clozapine,at risperdal consta I had none,thats where I’m aiming now.I’ll try risperdal for few days,see if it would help.Sorry to see you live in fear of your father.

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I consider hospital but I can’t help thinking which one is less ugly and unprofessional.

Latuda is the only thing that has stopped me hearing things, for whatever reason. I would be lost without it. If it ever stops working, I would consider haloperidol.

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This thread is about 4 years old. You haven’t found anything that works yet?

It’s 2 months old. The thread was started January 15th, not January 2015. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Its two months old,sometimes is barely better,sometimes is worse.I can’t tell whether is worse,I live alone and only person I see is cashier at market.

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Oh my bad. Good luck.

Zyprexa and Seroquel didn’t work for me.

But Geodon and Latuda do. We are all different though.

Those are the only ones I have tried.