What was your last hallucination about?

can you tell? After some time I started to know some things I was hearing or thinking couldnt be real. Actually Im often sure I must be wrong about everything. How is it for you guys?


Just moved to another country and got a new home… in my first nights it started with me having strange and old memories about my childhood I never remembed, then I thought I was in an old friends house at my origin city. Then my heart went very fast and I was dieing because my life was passing through my eyes. Thoseemories realy were depressing me and I coudnt tell realy where I was.
It still happens sometimes before I go to sleep, and beyond that my mind start to think by it self about scary faces and if I open my eyes in the dark I would see them.
It really bothers me these tricks my brain has playing on me

my most recent visual was a couple days ago at the doctor, i kept seeing a strip of light above the floor/wall border and then the border began moving back and forth, like up and down rapidly

the last auditory one that i noticed that was external was when i was still working and i heard this girl say “move you freak” but her mouth wasnt open so im pretty sure i was hallucinating it

Had and auditory too, when I was at ikea and heard my brother (who is really far away) calling me and saying he liked a lightbulb, which I bought for him lol

bad one was an entitity rushing past me to go hurt a friend.

i feared some men i cared about were going to have a problem over me. i think that was the seed that caused the psychosis.

and my ex was trying to intimidate me, or so it seemed… i think maybe he thought if i got psychotic till i was catatonic the horrid marriage could continue. i don’t really know what his major malfunction was. men here though don’t like men being unkind to women. he always walked carefully about that.

sorry i just don’t have much good to say about him.

i know i’m happy to be divorced.

So my last “hallucination” was hearing like 10 people in my house laughing at me last night. I believed it at the time but the more I think about it the less sense it makes. And I keep seeing shadows now but I’m not sure if they’re real or not.:thinking:

Tonight I saw a dark shadow of a toad hopping across my path, that’s a new one. (I’ve had shadow figures before and animals but never them both combined)

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I have a dead rat I carry around when I go out in public and he “tells” me when it’s safe to be in a particular place. He tells me which people are safe, too. He speaks only German to me. I know he’s a hallucination, but I sure feel calmer when he tells me a place/person is safe. I do NOT plan on telling my social worker about him when I see her tomorrow!

The last one I remember wasn’t really about anything at all. It was a flash of light.

I saw a shadow person. It was while I got out of the shower

My last hallucination consisted of me being stalked by a shadow entity that followed me almost everywhere, and would hide and peek behind walls.

The chronic, regular one aside,

I had a woman say I looked older, I recognized the woman and I know she wasn’t real,

But it happened in Target and freaked me out.

Lots of auditory ones these days, especially when I’m trying to fall asleep.
Last visual one was pictures moving on the walls in the hospital.

visual - a weimaraner

auditory - husband saying ‘right here’ or some such - but it came from a part of my body

3 days ago - so i’m not sure if thats exactly right but some stuff coming from my hips and stomach

My last one was of my cat stalking me. There was really nothing there. I can tell that they are not real, because they fade after a few seconds. They don’t happen much anymore since I take the APs. I’ve seen other things too. Mostly animals or people that could be real, but fade quickly into nothing. Sometimes it is a scary deformed creature, but not often.

I used to have visual hallucinations about people and strange animals, but now it’s just a voice a few times a day.

Today i was wondering if id been lied to and been hallucinating my car falling apart. But my last hallucination was heads propelling across the ground propelled by their heads like their hair was flagella

last visual was bugs crawling along the baseboards, auditory is a voice asking me if I’m ok or if I want to make love.

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