What was your last day at school like?

I remember thinking nothing will be the same again and I have to face the adult world. I was only 17. I enjoyed school.

With how my life is going I don’t think I’ll ever have a last day of school :weary::weary: it doesn’t END

It was a graduation day. I could not get out of the school fast enough. I wore my sisters dress and wanted them to hurry up and give me my diploma.

Haha my last day of high school I was getting treated like a serial killer by the assistant principal and a lot of other staff. They all wanted me expelled. But I graduated!!

They searched me though cause they were convinced I was dangerous

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My high school years ended quite ignominiously. I was kind of heavy into smoking and selling pot and my grades went downhill. In 12th grade I needed one required class to graduate. I had stopped going to all my other classes and I was taking this required government class and one day I got mad at the teacher and left early and the teacher called after me to say if I didn’t come back that exact minute that I would never be allowed to come back later. I kept walking and didn’t get to graduate with my class.

Funny enough I got my GED a few weeks later AND I took one summer school class and ended up getting my diploma too. I’ve never known or heard of anyone else getting both a GED and a diploma.

Oh, by the way, I hated high school.

@Noise. You’re one of the sweetest people I know

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My last day was my 18th bday. No regret never missed it

I can’t really pinpoint it, because I missed about 100 days of school of my senior year. I still graduated because the staff was nice and wanted to help me out because of my years of good behavior. Every student seemed to think I was either suicidal or a potential threat to their lives. As if.

I honestly don’t remember. That has been too long ago now. I liked school though.

Thank you dear! That’s very sweet of you to say :heart:

The thing is back then I had a bit of a reputation for being the “school psycho” (people literally called me that) most people treated me like a freak, with the exception of a few teachers.

But a teacher was picking on me (he literally would fuck with me by trying to convince me things weren’t real) and I snapped at him “I hope you die” I said in front of the class.

I was escorted out the suspended me for 2 weeks and they ran a bunch of threat assessment tests. They already knew I had a history of mental health problems the only reason I didn’t get expelled was because there wasn’t much school left.

But yeah I was constantly supervised by teachers/staff and the school cop escorted me out daily.
I was supposed to have my backpack searched every week (They quit though cause my backpack was a void of garbage)

i had to talk to my school counselor once a week so she could determine whether or not I was stable.
It was ridiculous.

I admit I was bad back then but the reaction was over the top imho.

But also I think I’m a lot better now! I think I’ve grown to be a much better person. So it’s really nice to hear that you think I’m sweet :blush: Cause I’m always trying to improve!

my last day of school before i pulled out to do online school was in seventh grade, in seventh period me and my friend were playing shove each other, and i knocked her too hard and she fell and hurt her arm and cried the whole period while i told everyone she fell because i was scared i would get in trouble

My last day of high school, beauty school or university? To be honest I don’t even remember on all three counts. I only remember graduation day in high school and university. And I remember state boards day for my beauty license. That’s it.

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