What was your hardest job

The hardest job a had was working at a Nuclear Pant. I was depressed which made it even tougher. We had to do manuel labor. One part of the job was putting tubes inside the condenser. The tubes were metal, and they were 70 ft long. Water goes through the tubes or you call them pipes. Anyways we had to push the pipes back in the condenser manually for hours at a time. We also had a drilling device that cut the old pipes out. There was at least like 800 pipes in the condenser, and it was like 30 ft tall. We had to pull the old pipes manually out as well. Water went through the pipes to produce steam I think.


Being a community college tutor.

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Janitor during overnight shift. It was mainly sweeping the stands of a hockey arena. It wasent hard but after doing it for 6 months i developed a pain in my shoulder from the repetitive movement of sweeping and mopping for over 7 hours lol.


Easy, none without SZ. All with SZ :joy:

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yeah, that’s true…I actually thought that while I was posting this thread!

probably picking dry goods at a grocery distribution warehouse. it wasn’t hard at first but they raised the pick quota from 68 to 100/hour. i could comfortably do about 80/an hour working at my own pace not to stress myself out. i had to really hustle to get to 100/hour and eventually i broke down. i went from 150 pounds when i started to 125 pounds 11 months later. the turnover was horrible, after 11 months i was the 2nd longest tenured employee on my shift. we also worked 60 hours a week. the money was good, but i eventually broke down and quit when i was going to get fired for only picking 80/ an hour.


I had two very hard jobs: RN and telemarketing. I spent most of my working life doing those two things. Hardest things I’ve ever done. I would never want to go back.

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Doing construction carrying doors on my side.


I delivered groceries in really rough neighborhoods. The company made me carry $500 wads of cash for change. I had to go into run down housing projects and sometimes carry 8 bags of groceries at once by loading 2 bags to each postal bin and carry 4 bins balanced in both arms. I had no gps so I got lost a lot plus some of the trucks had no a/c. I would carry the frozen foods in numbered paper bags in a cooler and match them to the orders.
I am glad I was never beaten up or robbed, but it was a bit hard on my back and nerves especially when I might have to do about 30-40 orders a day… I was pretty scared walking into places where no one else knew where I was (pre cellphone days).

Hardest for sure was the call center rep job. After two years I had enough of people screaming in my ear over something ■■■■ stupid like a cellphone.


Telephone solicitor was my worst job. Trying to sell books of coupons to mainly seniors over the phone. I was 18 and I would get these old people on the line who would say, “Oh, I’m old anyways and I’m going to die soon so I don’t need any coupons.”

Christ almighty, lady! I’m just sitting here in this tiny room at this crappy minimum wage job trying to make ten bucks so I can go buy some pot at the park. I don’t want to hear your depressing story or about your miserable life.

I lasted half a day at the job before I had to get out. I left at lunch and never went back.

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I’ve never had a job.


I was not popular and didn’t make much and I was not feeling like myself.

Like my own energy n aura was not in my body and the movements were not good.

I think being a stripper can be fun if you are confident in demand and feel like yourself and “own” it.
But for me that wasn’t the case.

I also masturbated and came but it was just belittling supressing etc the way they did it on film.

I think cafe kitchen work was the easiest for me.

Aged care was what I wanted to do but my body went in tension and I could go mute and didn’t have time to give the care I wanted to give and I was also “tafatt” (swedish)

I unloaded trucks at Sears for four years at breakneck speed. You might assume that unloading a truck at a department store wouldn’t be that difficult. Well, it was. I mean we weren’t unloading steel girders or boxes of nails but there was a lot of heavy stuff like water heaters, power tools like band saws and miter saws, gas grills, TV’s, lawn mowers, ping pong tables, free weights, etc. It took three or four guys four hours to unload. For two years I was the fastest guy on the crew and I was in my mid thirties working with a bunch of 19-24 year olds. We usually got two trucks a week, occasionally three.

Yeah, I came to that job from working at HP for three years out on the dock recycling cardboard, trash, wood etc. and that was a very physical job too. Our three man crew worked our asses off at HP, rain or shine. The job ended because we were contracted in from a different agency and our boss asked for too much money for us. HP said no and simply let us go and hired guys within their own company to replace us. After we got laid off and I was looking for a new job, I specifically wanted a job where I could use my muscles. So Sears was perfect for me. But that old saying, "Watch out what you wish for, you just may get it’ kind of applied at Sears. I had a lot of fun lifting heavy things but near the end it got too much. I think I was 38 when I left that job.

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Hardest but most rewarding was managing homes for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. I did that for almost 8 years but I couldn’t handle the stress. I had my first major psychotic episode while at that job.


@FatMama that job is so hard even just to be a carer for people with intellectual and physical disabilities, I did a trial of it and I was proper worn down emotionally.

the hardest job I ever tried was mcdonalds.
it is so fast paced and you come across all kinds of people, including rude people. pressure pressure pressure
and the customer is alwYS right :roll_eyes:


All my jobs have been difficult hence i ended up quitting… not difficult in terms of the work… more so the situatuations make me want to leave

I wasn’t very good at welding and would get burned, i’d get a welding flash in my eyes and my eyes would be red like a demon, it was a dangerous job.

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Phone sales.
I had to sell lightbulbs to businesses. We had a specific script we were not allowed to deviate from, and basically had to interrupt the people we called to get the script said beacuse it was written so ineffectively.
The lightbulbs were ugly and so was the lights they produced.

Most of the people I called were private business owners who did not want to be told to buy lightbulbs, nor didn’t need them.

I quit after three days.


@Miika, I know the feeling when you are selling something that you find awful yourself it just feels a bit meaningless.

I was a receptionist for an awful hotel for a week. And providing keys to accommodations seperate from the hotel. It was difficult since I was the face of a service that I found bad.

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