What was your favorite year of your life

My favorite year was 14 years old. That was the year before I started suffering.

Same here , 14 years old. That’s a coincidence !

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Somewhere in my pro-gamer years, when my elbows still worked. Early 20s.

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What do you mean “in my pro-gamer years?”

my favorite year of my life was 26, i was sober, healthy, working, and dating a fun women but she didn’t want to move to colorado with me, so i guess it wasn’t that serious. i was also taking classes at the local community college.

The year the detroit pistons won the chip.

2013-2014… when I started hanging out with the rock crowd… first concert. First rave… first time feeling like I could be myself a little… I always wanted to go to these things and be friends with that group of people… then I finally got to… it was really cool.

This year… Because because I just want it to be!!

This year has been my favorite.

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And apar from this year I’d say… 2008.first year of uni. I met an amazing person. We had good times. She’s a friend btw.

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Well, I was a wannabe pro-gamer. Played games all day like it was a job. Had a blast.

ok, I understand now.

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When I was 29 and I had my first baby.

  1. That is when I was in Afghanistan. :shark::shark::shark:

first years up to 11 yo
they r the best of my life

12th grade had some good points. I actually started being unhappy in seventh grade and it got worse every year. And I hated all of high school.

But…in 12th grade it was a lotta fun to cut classes with my friend and go to his house to get stoned. And we kind of became partners in buying and selling pot to the stoners at school and we got to party with some of the cool stoners. We cut a lot of classes, all the time. Both our grades went downhill and he got kicked out and put in a continuation school for drop outs and I failed almost every class. We had a lot of fun though.

I started off high school as a nobody but by 12th grade I was still a nobody but people knew me. By 12th grade I had been going to school with these people for four years and I got a little recognition and status for that. People just got used to me.

2004 when I was 20. Was a member of a mental health support group at the psych hospital and met my second boyfriend who was a hippie like me.

2005 we saw each other less and less until end of that year when I became so religious and wanted to become a nun.

I don’t regret my years studying spirituality but in hindsight I do regret breaking up with him because I wanted to experience more of the hippie life

Instead I was a nun wannabe in drab long skirts and crucifix and veil. Argh!

2006, visited my natal country and had the best school grades.

Any of the years from 1985 through 1987. I had a good job and enjoyed living in New Hampshire. Grandmother died in 1987 and my partner tested positive for HIV. My life went downhill after that.

You were in Afghanistan? During the unrest.?

Would that not have been scary instead of the best time :frowning_face:?

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