What was your favorite part about this Christmas?


Mine was getting to have lunch with my best friend :slight_smile:

And getting to watch my dog eat his Christmas treats!

What was yours?

Happy Holidays,



Giving my mum the first stocking she’s ever had (German)( she is )
Look on her face!


That’s very sweet! I’m glad you got to spend time with your family!




Being at the psych day program on Christmas. Santa even came for a visit. :sunny:


Wow, my friend got me this awesome blue diamond ring for Christmas/Birthday (it’s Jan 8th)!

What a blessed Christmas this has been :smile:

Wishing for blessings for all of you. Tidings of comfort and joy!



My Christmas tree. Like the icicles.


You should post a picture of your tree for us!

I couldn’t afford a tree or decorations this year. Hoping next year will be more festive.

Happy Holidays!



The kid and I got over to the parents house before they were out of bed. We had started breakfast. The look on Mom’s face when came down and saw that breakfast was almost ready and the kitchen was clean… That was one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen.


I went over to my friend house to exchange presents and have Christmas dinner. Got me a metal detector. I have been talking about getting one for years. There suppose to be 400 to 500 dollars in silver coins hidden somewhere on this place. The person who hided it died in 1894. I don’t expect to fine it. But I do know where the old barn and house were. And I think it will be fun looking for it. Who knows what I might find.

From the country Ridgerunner


My favorite part, was meeting up with my cousins (I have a lot of them) some I have not talked to in years. It turned out to be a surprising Christmas Eve for me. I was actually maintaining my composure, and doing a pretty good job socially.
I also liked the Christmas tree, with all of it’s nicely lit colored lights. I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas - Happy New year to everyone.


Had dinner at my sisters house. We had lamb and roasted potatoes and after dinner we watched ‘Glee’ on TV. It was the first time I ever saw it! My brother-in-law is recuperating from hip surgery so he didn’t sit with us. But about a month ago they had gone on vacation to China for a week. As a favor, I went over their house every other day and fed their cat, watered their plants and got their mail. Tonight my brother-in-law handed me an envelope with a card inside. I opened the card and a $100.00 bill was inside!! They said it was for taking care of their house. I’m broke right now so it couldn’t have come at a better time.


That sounds like so much fun ridgerunner! It would be so neat to dig them up.
I wish you the best luck and hope you find all those silver coins!


It was a quiet and low-key christmas with the in-laws. There were lots of really tasty cookies, as mother in law used to work in a bakery. and it snowed the night before. It was a very enjoyable day.


mine was a non drinking christmas by choice, it feels great not to suffer with hang overs in the morning, fresh every morning not stale from beer,.


my favourite part of Christmas was lifting my nephew up into the air cause hes dressed like captain America and hes just so adorable and giving my neice some earrings she like and of course eating whatever I want helps!


Tried to take a picture, but my camera doesn’t do lights very well.


Mine was the roast pork meal I had. The crackling was amazing.

I just LOVE roast pork!!!


Is the crackling a part of the pork that you eat?


I slept through it, woke up at night and began waiting to go to sleep again.