What was your favorite imagination game when you were a kid?

My sister and my favorite imagination game was that we were orphans living in the wild.

We’d put blankets in the dog house, foraged for food ( we picked unripe fruit and vegetables from our neighbor’s garden), we climbed trees, made forts.

It was the best.

But the the neighbor put up a fence and got a dog.

When we told my mom our new dilemma she was horrified that we were the reason the neighbors had to get a fence and dog.

So she would hide fruits and veggies around the yard for us to forage.

Unfortunately, it was always like celery and carrots,

If we were lucky an apple.

Better than the super sour underripe garden stuff,

But still raw vegetables.

We had to eat it though.

It was our only sustenance (not really, but in the game).

We also played Barbies a lot.

What about you guys?


I used to make weapons out of stones sticks and electrical tape like tomahawks and go out and try to hunt birds but I never caught anything


mine when i was very young was my brother and i. we’d go down to the salt marsh and we made up this thing called D.D’s. lol. D.D’s were large beings and the world beneath our feet was actually populated with a micro world reflecting the macro.

other times alone i’d fill a leaf with berries and float it as if it were a boat and the berries were people.

thanks for this one.


I don’t remember how old we were- kindergarten maybe?

My best friend and I would pretend we were dinosaurs lol


My uncle (by marriage) grew in the stabbing parts of Orange County.

He also made weapons a lot as a kid.

He got pretty good at making nunchucks, so he started bartering with other kids for them.

One day a kid knocked himself out with one while playing in the woods,

The parents couldn’t find him all day,

At like 10pm they found him, nunchucks in hand, passed out.

The family demanded my uncle give up all his goods he’d received from the nunchucks as hood retribution.

He gave them like ten dollars cash and a bunch of toys.

That was the end of it.

I think that story is hilarious.


I had a friend who lend me a nightstick in Middle School and it’s like a baton that’s made with a metal tip on a tight coil that use whip out of a metal handle
Anyway would go to parties with it lol like a total idiot

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I had a friend when we were kids that made ninja stars out of credit cards.

He mostly used the fake ones that come with card offers,

But eventually demand got high and he started using his dads out of his wallet.

No more ninja stars after that.

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My best childhood friend and I would build various boats out of legoes and put them in a tub of water to see which ones floated.

I wasn’t good at imagination games despite having a very active imagination. I had a hard time telling roleplay and real life apart, and would easily feel hurt at things that were just pretend.

But I did befriend a girl because we both had an obsession with dinosaurs, and we’d pretend to be raptors and run around in the yard screeching and “hunting”


Same, except that our mom grew a garden specifically because she realized this was the only way we would eat vegetables.

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Building the worlds I read about in books with LEGO.


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