What was your favorite game as a kid?

Do you feel like your childhood was influenced by commercialism?

I liked to build forts and make potions with my cousins on the farm. We had sticks for weapons, and built booby traps for invaders. I played princess too, but we didn’t dress up as Disney princesses as much. My aunt bought shiny fabric and we’d make capes.

This article points out how young girls are affected by the Disney princess culture. Do you feel like you were affected? Will you monitor your kids more closely, so they aren’t negatively affected?

I see it in my younger sister a bit. She shows me her outfits that she’s going to wear to her friends house. She knows a lot about fashion and comments on how cute things are. I don’t know how her self esteem is, but I think it is pretty good. She is a good dancer and keeping up with that probably helps.


I played a lot of hide-and-seek.

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The Nothing Dance!
Me and my sister would literally wear just t-shirts and dance around in a native fashion.


run and hide from my horrible parents, but it wasn’t a game it was survival.
take care

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Dare I say it…Doctors and nurses.

Very much so but ended up having more fun playing with the box the toy came in than the toy itself.


To be more specific, it looks like the stomp dancing with more flagrant arm movements.

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Building forts and hacking down trees in the forest for fun. And building Mt bike trails and jumps. I remember we took my dad’s old lawnmower and mowed this whole abandoned farm field and built tons of jumps there in the dead of winter!

It’s too bad all kids do now is play with ipads


Climbing trees and riding my bike. Breaking free -

Commercialism - had just begun to grow + be focused on kids. I did get the Vacuform for Christmas they advertized on TV. I remember feeling greedy about wanting it so badly.



I liked role playing games which isn’t too dissimilar but I was older!

You’ve approached two questions here and I’d say it’s concerning the sexualisation of children’s play! It’s not good girls thinking it’s cute to dress up…but that is a whole other issue! Disney is about making money ultimately and that is about exploitation on any level you want to name!

So. I think this question is way more loaded than you endeavoured!

A friend in the struggle,


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I monitor my sis in a way. Those fashion magazines are unhealthy and when my sister’s friends bring that trash into our home I burn it. I have a huge issue with fashion media. Almost every piece of it is subliminally toxic on many levels. Please don’t get me started on my Disney Rant. It goes on for a while… I’ll try to refrain.

I have a huge problem with all of those magazines.

As far as what games I liked to play as a kid… I don’t remember a lot of games. I was out and about a lot, my siblings and I were riding bikes and running around and climbing tress and playing on rope swings and stuff… I wouldn’t say that I didn’t have fun… but don’t remember any real childhood games.


Hide and Seek - building forts - romping about the neighborhood freely - touch football in the street etc…

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Red light, green light.


in primary school i loved dodgy ball and rounders (baseball type game)

out of school it was probably swimming and football or a game called ‘code’ code was a tough game, ten people played with 5 people running with a code of one letter or two letters each depending on the length of the word, nobody knew how long the word was but the chaser had to let the person go once they gave a letter and if they didn’t give a letter they were beaten up lol or tickled (usually tickled) but if that didn’t work it was a beating lol, once everybody had most of the letters they tried to find the word which was the code and once they had the code it was their turn to run.


probably throw stones at the dinner ladies and run, Bucket standing you et a bucket put it in the sea and try not to fall off. orphanages (lol) pretending we were orphans LOL
making georges marverlous medicine out of everything in the shed and some slugs at the annoyance of my father.
dizzy wizzies spending ages spinning aroun d in a circle.
we had stilts and got quite good at that.


Jigsaw puzzles and Trivial Pursuit were things I enjoyed, as well as marbles and a game called ‘Ingle Angle’ played with elastic tied around and between two people’s legs, then they stand far apart and then another jumps between and on the ‘rope’, kind of like skipping around. When you jumped, you said ‘Ingle Angle Silver Bangle, Inside, Outside, inside, On’. At Primary school that was a common sight at break time in the playground, groups of girls playing it.


Ping-pong, checkers, chess, pool.

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We would spin around like whirling dervishes. Red light green light was also a favorite as well as Simon Says.

I try to avoid getting caught up in magazine fashions. I just buy what I like. I don’t go by trends.

Thank you everyone for responding. I’m going for a walk and will probably respond to your posts more individually.

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@igor I loved hide and seek.

@CarleyGee Dancing was fun. I still do it.

@darksith I’m sorry.

@Dreamscape Ooh, it’s time for your check up. Paging Dr. Metime!

@anon31257746 I always preferred outside games (or at least we were always told to go outside). It’s true they are born with a screen in their face.

@pob I lived on a dirt road and I’d always end up with the handle bars turned into my chest. I never really got to ride until I moved away.

@rogueone Role play can be fun, even now.

@Wave I haven’t played touch football in a while. It’s more of a kickball time where I live.

@jukebox It’s a classic.

@mrhappy Code sounds complicated, but fun.


@dandydinmot Orphanages, I think we did that. I can’t remember exactly, but I know we played with baby dolls, so maybe it was nurse. We did potions, but not slugs. We killed them with salt.

@Hadeda I played marbles with my brother. Trivial Pursuit was his thing. The others look interesting.

@Twang My brother was good at ping-pong. He played that in high school.

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