What was your experience in hospital like?

Hey guys as above, thoughts?

It wasn’t plesent I got hit once and they asked if I wanted to report it. I might have been hit more times though but I don’t recall although I had a lot of bruises

The hospital never was that bad an experience for me, unless I was on a typical ap. Then the whole world was a bad place for me.

I always had a great time, cause the staff took me out of my hell, till my last ect’s 10 years ago. I think it was a nasty treatment but i am independent now, so it helped me. I don’t need psychiatric care anymore. I just like to be on the national disabilty insurance scheme (ndis) to get financial support for needs (prostitutes,drugs,alcohol etc.) i can’t afford being on the disabilty pension, but my psychiatrists at the time denied me that right.:grinning:

A big mixed bag for me. The other patients were always the highlight for me. I’ve never gone in and not made a friend. Talked to one on the phone for an hour yesterday. Hospitals are where I make friends…

There is of course, the bad and the loss of freedom, etc.

Mostly very boring but otherwise ok

My impression of the psych word was that the patients were not so bad, it was the staff that was fried and trembling on the brink of a breakdown

That being said, My overall experience was a positive one

Well, I have to say I hated most of what went on there.
But on the positive side, where else can you walk around as an adult in a robe in the daytime in public with your ass hanging out and nobody gives a damn because they’re all doing it too.

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