What was your biggest scare in your childhood


Mine was a bear. In my early teens I did some orienteering and then once I met a bear in the forest, after this I never did orienteering any longer. Yes, I am afraid of bears in forests as it was in my early teens.


I fell through a window and it sliced my arm open from my wrist to my elbow. I was pretty scared at the time.


When I was 5 or 6 my family and I were visiting some relatives in a distant town. I remember I went outside by myself and wandered off. I ended up getting lost. I was so scared. I was lost by myself for about a half an hour and then my parents came by in a car and found me.


This bear scare has affected my life. I recall how I went often hiking in the Northern Georgia mountains in America with my former spouse, and then once the night was coming and I speeded up and started making sounds to scare any bears away. Black bears of Georgia are not as violent as brown bears of Finland. After this hiking my former US spouse said she did not want to go hiking any longer with me. I did not bother to explain my childhood experiences in the forest of Finland.


I was afraid my father would kill me in my sleep.


I cant think of one incident that was the biggest scare. I got lost a couple of times, just for a few moments as a child, this was scary for me. I would have to say because I suffered from severe panic disorder, my panic attacks, all of them were very scary. When you suffer from intense panic attacks, nothing is safe anymore.


In the young life, we were in a small car crash. No one was hurt, but the other driver flew out of his car and just started screaming like no other at my Mom. So this yelling ranting out of control anger man was just screaming into our car. That was scary.

Older life… The house fire.


Some other scary events in my past lives

In 1974 I was in an automobile accident in Finland
In 1990 I was in a plane crash in Michigan
In 1999 some people attacked me in Atlanta
In 2002 I was attacked by three men in Helsinki

Many other bad events have also happened, but somehow I have not been scared of these events. For example, in March 1989 when I was in Leningrad and exchanged some money in the black market, I got just few ruble notes and the rest of the roll was newspapers, I went to find this money exchanger, but did not find. Somehow I was not scared of the underworld of the former Soviet Union.


When I was raped and tortured at 15 yrs old and every time they came back thereafter.


I use to live in Atlanta and go to hiking and camping in north Georgia mts all the time. So much more beautiful than flat ohio. Seen bears in the Applacians but they where either scared of me or just ignored me. Never heard of a black bear attacking a grown man. Also the reason I saw them was because I was by myself, not talking. So they didn’t hear me coming. great ears.


my mother. I was so afraid of her we did not have a relationship.


In 1989, when I was 10, I was in the front passenger seat of a vehicle that hit a pedestrian front on. Out of nowhere this pedestrian with his back to us stepped out onto the road, got hit, and did a somersault over our car.


Northern Georgia mountains are quite nice. Too bad that my bear scare stopped all hiking trips back in 1996. Yes, black bears are very peaceful compared to brown, grizzly and polar bears. In Finland one month ago, when there was no snow yet, one brown bear did not sleep its winter sleep and had attacked one hunter in the forest. There are some things that I remember so clearly although these have happened already 33 years ago.


One recurring nightmare when I was five. I woke up scared almost every night. And stayed awake sometimes until the sky got light.


Several head injuries, woke up not having a clue as to what happened, this became frightening though only later in life when i had to realize what it did to my meat brain, my oh so fragile meat brain.

And also was kidnapped in a custody battle, ended up at a house of some families that appeared to be haunted so that made it even worse, there was something there and everyone knew it.

And was also almost crushed by a semi on my way to grandparents house for the holiday, the guy driving it was coming down the ramp to fast and was almost directly next to us, when he turned his wheel to straighten out on the free way he toppled over, if my father was not paying attention and slammed the brakes on who knows what would have happened, death, paralyzation, etc.

And then i can remember another time i would awaken at my grandparents house with someone pacing up and down the hallways, in the dead of night i awoke to footsteps, there were dead deer heads on the walls staring at me as well so it made it even worse, thankfully i was able to fall asleep again. It became apparent later in life who that was in the hallway, they were always with me it seems.


My mother had an abused woman in our apartment and the woman’s husband came and broke the door down and was pointing a rifle at my mother. But since my mother is kind of different she yelled at him while she was calling the police and yelled at me go to my room and the police came and subdued him before he shot anyone, but still. I guess that one would be my answer?


Also i think, if i could remember it, childbirth would have to be high up on the list, what a completely frightening moment.


That’s terrible, I hope you are ok now.


I was remembering all the other very scary things that happened to me but all of them were products of this head circus. The being chased by kidnappers, the times my imaginary friends were trying to take my blood, the times I my head was working against me… all very scary, but all SZ related.


my biggest scare was when I saw the devil in the form of smoke with red eyes in the middle. I think maybe I was hallucinating then…