What was your biggest regret

My biggest regret was, not trying on the middle school soccer team. Everybody made fun of the coach. I didn’t try on purpose, because of peer pressure.


My biggest regret is not disciplining my daughter more at a younger age. She’s a very undisciplined person now and I feel that is my fault.

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Bieng a crappy husband. I deserved to lose the wife. My mates down the pub were more important than my relationship. Frankly i was a total arsehole.

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Shaving and plucking certain areas
A private regret
Drugs alcohol

Can’t decide which is the worst regret.

Probably drugs n alcohol

Skipping 8th grade and going into high school a year early.
I was a smart kid and my 6th grade teacher thought it would be a good thing for me to go from seventh grade right into high school. The decision was supposedly up to me but there was a little pressure from my teacher and my parents to do it and the only reason I agreed to skip 8th grade was because I thought that’s what my parents would want me to do and I was trying to please them.

Big mistake. When I agreed to do it, no one had counted on that in seventh grade I would be become withdrawn and a little weird and cut myself off from my schoolmates.

So I was really in no shape socially, physically or mentally to go into high school at age 13. Just like I was the last person who should have got schizophrenia. I would be a really effed up person even if I had never got schizophrenia. I mean I don’t hurt anyone or do illegal things but I’m just really shy and was never well adjusted and I have always felt cut off from my peers for as long as I can remember. So to sum it up, if I had it do to all over again I wouldn’t have skipped 8th grade.


Do you think, that is what started your schizophrenia?

Not dating in school is my biggest regret.

I used to let one rejection stop me from trying for months. If I could do it all over again I’d just ask a different person out every day until I got a yes, what did I have to lose?

My mom told me in my twenties that she thought something was wrong with me starting around 11th grade but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Now, looking back, we realized 11th grade was probably the prodomal stage of my schizophrenia and then I eventually got diagnosed at age 19.

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oh, ok…that is awesome that you skipped a grade, I flunked 12 grades.

Not dating/marrying Fernando. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough for him.

No regrets over here. All the good and bad things led me to my current life. I wouldn’t want to risk changing something and ending up somewhere different, even if it spared me a ton of pain.


Loosing my virginity to a girl I met in a club. I would have preferred that arab girl in my university that I had her number.

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Not taking the 60k per year salary to be an IT tech for a medium sized business. I couldve had a good job and stuff. Oh well

Committing an unforgivable sin.

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Do you prefer an Arab girl or does it matter? I’ve dated guys of different ethnicities

I prefer syrian arab christian because they’ll get well with my parents and have the same culture, church, food, etc

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There’s a girl that I am friend with from church, my parents are friends with her parents, I used to go with my parents to her house. She lives with her parents. She’s Syrian Christian. I was with her in the scout and used to teach her science.

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She used to call me to study with her before my schizophrenia.

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Yeah. Sounds like she had a crush on you. I was fluent in Spanish but I still took tutoring lessons from Fernando just so I could be with him. Girls do things like that.

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I got psychosis and thought that God was calling me on my phone so I threw it in the garbage, it was an iPhone 4. That’s how I lost all my friends, they called me many times I was scared to answer.