What was the reason that got you diagnosed as a sz in the first place?

If you’ve been stable a long time you can probably come off. But do you have any symptoms whatsoever?

No I don’t have any symptoms. Maybe I could come off but my parents and pdoc don’t want me to.

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Psychosis is pretty much when you’re out of touch with reality and can’t tell the delusions and hallucinations aren’t real.

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Well, I stockpiled seroqel; they listen to me for one visit and they refuse to give me less than 200mg pills, based on one 45 minute monologue. So I cut them up like a pizza, and combine a 33mg chip with an alka selzer cold and take it if i eat regular food so i won’t feel the bugs crawling all over me. Of course avoiding the food and sticking to the raw vegetables is what i prefer so i’m not so tired. I fake a regular life, go to work and sit in a cubicle, come home and watch kids. They told me I’m very very sick and the reason the meds don’t work on me is because i’ve been very very sick for a very long time. But yeah there’s still a chip of seroquel in my diet once or twice most weeks.

You’re so funny. Thanks for the help of seeing the light side of things.

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I was paranoid and hallucinating. I was depressed, having flashbacks. The feeling that my coworkers and boss were following me offline and online finally broke me.

The reason is that i am sz and have to take medication. Its just one lifesentence.

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I got diagnosed the same way…miles from home, no coat and catatonic. Police found me too.

Well I got help for myself. I first became aware that I might have a psychotic disorder towards the end of my first major episode. I had gotten a good friend of mine involved who also has sza but was also undiagnosed at the time and she had been sucked into my delusions. However she was able to realize that nothing I said would happen was happening and pointed that out to me and that she thought I may need help. I freaked out at first and was like oh no she thinks I’m crazy, but the more I thought about it I was like why HASN’T the devil kidnapped me yet and just questioning all my other delusions.

This lead to me having an existential crisis where I was like how much of my life has been real am I actually just crazy etc. I battled that for a couple years…it took a long time to really fully acknowledge that there was a good chance I was just mentally ill…and then more time to gather the courage to talk about it because I was scared I’d be forced on meds and locked up…but eventually I did and everything was ok. It wasn’t a smooth journey to recovery at all but today I’m stable and doing well.

I got diagnosed with sza because I was having olfactory hallucinations along with all of my mood symptoms. I couldn’t put my thought insertion symptoms into proper words so, that never got recognized until much later.

You’re in good company.

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