What was the reason that got you diagnosed as a sz in the first place?


I’m on meds since 2007, i’ve tried comming off twice and ended up in the hospital. The injections had the worst side effects. They put me on the injections because I was non compliant on the pills. I’m now back on the pills. I mainly want to stop the meds because of the sexual side effects and a spaced out feeling I get sometimes.


If you’ve been stable a long time you can probably come off. But do you have any symptoms whatsoever?


No I don’t have any symptoms. Maybe I could come off but my parents and pdoc don’t want me to.


Psychosis is pretty much when you’re out of touch with reality and can’t tell the delusions and hallucinations aren’t real.


Well, I stockpiled seroqel; they listen to me for one visit and they refuse to give me less than 200mg pills, based on one 45 minute monologue. So I cut them up like a pizza, and combine a 33mg chip with an alka selzer cold and take it if i eat regular food so i won’t feel the bugs crawling all over me. Of course avoiding the food and sticking to the raw vegetables is what i prefer so i’m not so tired. I fake a regular life, go to work and sit in a cubicle, come home and watch kids. They told me I’m very very sick and the reason the meds don’t work on me is because i’ve been very very sick for a very long time. But yeah there’s still a chip of seroquel in my diet once or twice most weeks.


You’re so funny. Thanks for the help of seeing the light side of things.


I was paranoid and hallucinating. I was depressed, having flashbacks. The feeling that my coworkers and boss were following me offline and online finally broke me.