What was the most successful part of your life

The most successful part of my life is starting at the third grade, until the 8th grade. I was very popular in elementary school. I was very gifted with soccer.

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Getting on meds at 29. After that I got married. Moved overseas for a couple of years and then moved back to Australia. I like the brain meds. Really dialed in my thought so that paranoia and stuff wasn’t an issue anymore.


Working for the local council at 18, tech support in the days of dot matrix printers and windows 3.1 . Lasted a year - i was in the bar at 5pm every day, and couldnt do it no more.

Would be on a right decent income by now, if i had stuck wth it.


@77nick77 just posted that his most productive years were early to mid 90s and I feel the same.

I had a job I loved, friends and girlfriends. The world was mine.

When I graduated from college I was a Medical Technologist for 5 years, then a Laboratory Research Technician for a year and then a Laboratory Scientist for 2 years. I had to quit 2 of those jobs because of poor environmental conditions.

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Last year in high school, I was 16-17 y.o. I excelled in school and had many good friends.

I suppose it depends on what you consider success. In my 20’s I was a music teacher in Los Angeles. But I had a second relapse and havnt worked since.

Now I have a house and a partner and a baby on the way. Even though I’m no longer teaching I consider myself now more successful than I was.


i’m successful now i think… i’m doing well on my meds except for negative symptoms but i do feel like it’s success. When i worked i should have been successful but i couldn’t cause of the positive symptoms i was dealing with.


When i was 30. My schizotypal disorder was well treated, finished university, had a beautiful, 10 year younger girlfriend and had a crime novel published at the biggest publisher in Denmark with good reviews and i won a literary price.

Now i can look forward to a life on disability, thanks to my MI.


When I was 17, I was able to study 13 hours a day, I had top grades in my class and studied philosophy and theology in my free time.


I’m a WIFE, Daughter and Sister

I guess it’s my biggest achievement

Or at least it’s as good as ‘husband and father’ that I’ve seen a man put alongside his achievements in life
(Beats chest)

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