What was the most funniest?

what was the most funniest thing that happened to you?

When I was in my twenties and addicted to crack I was giving a lady friend a ride to an ATM so I could withdraw $20.00 for some fun. (damn. did I not disguise that well?) Anyways, we had been fooling around prior. So we had both been smoking and when we got to the ATM I hopped out to get the money. There were people walking around and I turned to ask this women (she really was my friend) something and she said “OMG, your d*cks hanging out”!!. She was embarrassed and mortified. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and I looked down and she was right so I stuffed it back in and got my money. I thought it was hilarious and I was laughing but she was so embarrassed.

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Well i am glad that hasn’t happened to me :flushed:

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I don’t know the funniest.

but there was an intense exam. stayed up all night studying. nervous, all school morning.

then the teacher was absent.

lol lol lol

That is funny :joy: