What was the high-point and low-point of your day?

High… Solving a computer problem for my wife tonight.

Low… Feeling anhedonia, dead, in the afternoon.

High…Watched TV, petted the dogs.

Low…Got diarrhea, noticed the toilet was leaking, paced the floor.

Spent $240. On stupid stuff we needed, laundry soap, kitchen trash bags, cat litter, cat food, q-tips, deodorant,soap, toilet paper, blah,blah,blah.
Found some yummy dim sum at an Asian market.

High- Got free samples of Advil sleeping pills in the mail. :pill: :sleeping:

Low- Knowing I will be alone on valentines day. :heart:

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Low–having to shovel the long and big driveway of 6-8" of snow.
High–when my neighbors came out and helped me shovel the driveway.


low point - waking up to another day of watching the dog behind me be unfed and unwatered.

high point - reporting the dog’s owners to animal control and finally getting a stove in the kitchen ! (thanks to my mom)

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High point: I go called in to do a project at work. I usually have today off. It was way less stressful than I thought it would be, and it was actually easier than I thought it would be

Low point: not picking up my cholesterol medication at the pharmacy when I should have.

Yesterday… High point- working in the green houses at work and playing with goats

Low-point- co-therapy with my kid sis. This is not going as expected.

High point-- talking to my mom and holding her hands on our way home; come up with ideas on rechecking of my work

Low point-- lunch with new colleagues; I often question myself why was I sitting there–it is because I have psychiatric problems and cannot hold together my life

High- having 100$ left over after groceries this pay period.

Low- having to spend the $100 on required things anyway.

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high – I read some interesting stuff at work in my line of study.

low – am wasting time this afternoon at home with doing nothing.


Low- weariness and boredom. High- made crack cocaine in a spoon smoked it, and felt on top of the world

High point - I have the money to buy my wife a nice anniversary present.

Low point - Damn e-cigarette coil burned out, rendering it inoperable.

High: Actually doing something productive. I have a job right now and its just great. I love it. Its low down the social pecking order but it really gives me so much self esteem. I had come to hate myself. I have been bullied at lot through life. Its been horrible really and it has really impacted myself esteem. To have a job - something to do which uses your talents is so incredibly important.

Low: While at work my mind was occupied. Coming home this evening and sitting down and reflecting on “V day” I cant bear to even say the word. It always leads to the “what ifs” things had been different. Sad lonely thoughts…

Sleep is the high point.

Being awake is the low point.