What was the first time like with going all the way

What was the first time like for you with making it to home plate so to speak?

I was super delusional and I called an escort girl twice. It wasn’t a good experience. I didn’t climax and I lost my e.

I don’t remember it being fun the first time. I’m pretty sure I disassociated entirely

it was like 4 minutes, i hadnt mastered the sensation of penetration yet haha. really quick and i was embarrased, later on and with much practice i got better at controlling myself.

Awkward . The girl wasnt too impressed either. And too cap it off, she had come on as well - so had a bloodied todger.

I was basically raped several times in a drugged state when I was a teenager.

Wouldn’t even have known the first time it happened. I was a mess and vulnerable and exploited

That took a dark turn sorry

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That’s ok lol lol…

Not good … not enjoyable…

My first consentual time was ok. I was 15 he was 31. He seemed disappointed so that hurt my feelings. But I climaxed. One of the things I remember was how messy his place was, that really bothered me. If you are going to have someone over clean up a little. lol.

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Really wish I saved my virginity until marriage but when you are a 16 year old guy it’s a mad dash to lose it before all yer friends…
It was sex, if that, wasn’t much a bragging right

I had a difficult time to put it in. I missed the hole many times. I got mad and told her I wanna leave. She grabbed it and put it in her. I felt like a noob but not raped. I was 20 she was 24. I felt dizzy and lost after I came, too tiring.

Oh yea before putting it in I was doing it with myself I thought she should just play with herself too. Didn’t want to get in her lol

She broke the condom on purpose with her nails twice. She wanted a baby. Luckily I had 4 condoms on me. I put two condoms on top of each other lol

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I got the Trojan Magnum the first time but later started to get the sensational ones, they felt more natural. Idk if they’re prone to break but they didn’t break unless she broke them with her nails on purpose to get pregnant.

I don’t remember that much except the girl scratched my back all to hell with her fingernails.

Painful. Very painful. I was 28.

She was 15 and I was 13…it turned into another world for me…she helped me understand what to do…wish I hadn’t lost my virginity until I was older because after that I wished I could find a girl to have sex with and it didn’t happen until I was 17.

First of all she was kind of a hard core Mexican chick. I was 20 and she was 22 and we were both living in Soteria House. She was tough but she had a killer body. She had a boyfriend and a two year old daughter. Anyways, it came very close to not happening, I just got lucky.
It was OK, she got more pleasure out of it than me. She knew what she wanted and I was basically just a six foot tall, 180 lb tool for her to masturbate with. It wasn’t the greatest sex but I got to see a lot of things and I was just happy to lose my virginity before arthritis set in and my hair turned grey.

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