What was the first record you ever bought?

Linkin Park ----- Reanimation


I never bought any records either. I did buy about 3 cassette tapes growing up.

I “taped” everything off the radio with a radio cassette recorder.

I bought blank cassette tapes and that was my record collection.

This is a song about that very practice:



Woodstock triple album

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It was a Tchaikovsky tape.

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Chuck Berry.


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I have never bought a record myself. By the time I really had my own money to buy stuff, Cassette tapes or CD’s were the thing.

I did have some records as a kid but I have no idea what was bought first by others.

I also have no idea what the first cassette tape I bought myself was.

So…I can’t answer your question.

Why am I replying then?

I don’t know.

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