What Was I Thinking?

Ever have one of those moments? Not talking the illness made you do, just something you thought was a good idea at the time, but thinking back it was funny or something you wished no body was looking?

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Oh yes. I sometimes remember these moments out of the blue and feel embarrassed all over again. It’s terrible. On the bright side, it makes me feel good to know it’s something I have in common with literally the entire world.


Sort of feel that way about a dream I just had.

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Yup like Vietnam flash backs…post humiliation syndrome phs or post terrible idea syndrome…ptis


> What was I thinking?

You know yourself better then anyone else. Usually comes to you after some thought. Talking it through with someone helps also.

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I get these flashbacks a lot. I relive horrible embarrassments and they are usually followed by a breakdown and my head screaming insults at me, asking how I could have been so “f-ing stupid!”.
Not really a fun time.

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