What type of music do you like the most

My favorite type of music is modern rock.


Trance before it was inundated with autotune vocals singing meaningless phrases. When it was decent.

For rock, there’s a lot of good choices that it’s hard to pick a style.-------------------------------------------------

Indie rock/alternative

I like hip hop like Lil Peep or Brennan Savage and also more e-guitar based music like Killswitch Engage or Disturbed. Sometimes I listen to Scooter. I’m not fixed to a certain genre.

I like most music but have my roots in 70’s and alternative 80’s/90’s. I still listen to lots of genre but still have a great radio station I hear a lot of new music over every genre.

70s and 80s rock and folk music.

Dnb, House, Dubstep, Grime, Drill, Indie, Pop, Hiphop/trap, classical, video game music. But Drum and Bass the most.

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Used to be goth/punk, now classical!

Classical music like mozart, Beethoven, vivaldi and also lots of metalcore bands like architects, northlane and some emo bands like the used

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Ambient, Rock and Country

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