What type of hallucinations do you guys deal with?

I understand, I hope you can live a fulfilling life and work it out with your hallucinations. Wish you all the best, bud!

I started believing the voices were real people; I’m now thinking that is a false belief.
I almost died and I didn’t see anyone confirm they were the ones talking to me; by that, I mean, I have no confirmation that the people speaking to me, are in fact actual people.

I helps, because the content the voices talk about, is not good.

I believe I’m suffering from delusions.
I’m not sure they will go away; so I continue to work through them.

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I think the ones “in the know” are the ones attacking people, i woke up and trying to learn so its going to be my turn next

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Right now I hear knocking on my front door when no one is there. In the last couple of years I have heard a single male voice that comments on what I’m doing or what’s going on around me. He doesn’t say anything mean though. Back in 2008 when I was unmedicated, I had visual hallucinations as well, such as on the TV set a weather guy with an ancient radar when I was being monitored. They would comment over the TV, and it would turn red when I watched something that was naughty.

Visual and tactile mostly. I only get auditory if I’m half asleep. What I see visually is very trippy and seems to match people’s lsd experiences though I have never done any illicit drugs. The tactile stuff involves me feeling sexual things being done to me, or occasionally feeling like I am being physically harmed in some way.

Why don’t you want to take meds if I may ask ?
your symptoms seem to be so hard to deal with.
In my last psychosis I used to see a leopard on my wall, some figures, and also tinkerbell lol ! that last one was awesome.
also I had voices in my head, but all nice and I used to laugh a lot at what they said.
I have zero symptoms since I am on meds

Does this happen to a lot of people in your experience?

I have seen plenty of people on here have the same experience, and have met a number of patients and even have friends who have experienced it too. Looking at statistics tactile hallucinations are not as common as others, but I don’t think they are by any means rare among those with psychosis.

Thank you Anna.

I asked; because the same thing happens to me.
I appreciate your reply and information.

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