What type of girl should i go for?

I’ve been increasing my activities lately and all of a sudden im feeling optimistic about dating. what type of girl should I go for?

  • sporty gym girl
  • vegetarian cook
  • freak in the sheets
  • diamond in the rough project
  • whatever I can get

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One who will still love you after you completely fall on your face in front of her.


Go for the best girl you can get.
Good luck!
From the options you presented, the gym girl seems best,
although some people exercise intensely for hours at the gym and still have energy problems(like me).

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Diamond in the rough. I’d go for a lame girl that isn’t able to run away lolol.

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I cannot believe you are categorizing.


Haha that’s funny.

When you think about it, it is pretty weird!

yeah it helps me to think ahead of time. what type of girl do I want? then go hunt for it.

instead of going out and not having a type to narrow down my options

Maybe all people are basically the same! All people want the same thing!

How can you tell if a girl is freak in the sheets?

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Test drive. 1515

How about meeting someone and seeing if you like them? Like the way they think


You ask her 500 former boyfriends.


I guess theres a few ways. first try to sleep with her. or maybe flash some and see if she gets excited. talk dirty to her and see if she gets turned on.

if she does sleep with me, ill notice how comfortable she is with her body and sex in general. also high libido, like if she wants it frequently.

Wow man that sounds crazy!

I hope you don’t flash some at girls


in my 20’s I could have gone for a freak. now im not sure I can keep up or not get bored

they dropped those charges

I was trying to get a girlfriend without talking to her. it was an experiment

Too much information!