What type is your neighbourhood

I don’t live in an official neighborhood so much as on a street, but it’s a nice street. All upper middle class folks. Quiet. You could walk around outside at 3 am and not much would happen. Some parts of town aren’t like that, but where I am is.

The photo has another phenomenon in it…a large white orb of light behind the trees. It is not the sun or moon…actually the sun was just rising and not even that far up in the sky yet… I drew arrows pointing to both the face and orb…

Could be a play of light but if light is forming images, who is the artist of the light?

This however does not represent an artist of light…this is a face warning of darkness…

(I know the story of those woods, so the faces appearing came as no surprise…it is from the woods my late wife played in as a kid and communed with many spirits there…then something happened…)

If I walk around at 3 am I might meet a 'Possom, armadillo, or Coyote…hear an owl, stuff like that…I would more likely meet a ghost than a living human…On very rare occasion at that time, you might hear a loud pickup truck way out on the paved roads…but usually those roads have no traffic for a few hours each night and it is total quiet except for nature…

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In my neighbourhood the best is that the hospital with all services is very near, I have gone there sometimes in the middle of the night, although now they are talking about discontinuing the night ER services, other services such as a grocery store (2) and a pharmacy are near and then there is one laundry place where people can take their clothes if they do not own a laundry machine.

I live in a quiet middle class neighborhood not too far from NYC - my brother lives in the same town, but in the wealthier and more rural section of town. Close to me there are stores, gas stations - supermarket, I can walk there, but choose to drive

That is very strange. I too live in a woods known for its activity, I see some strange things.
Some stuff I pass off as a severe hallucination because I couldn’t catch it again on a camera. But some stuff I know was something in the woods, one morning while waiting outside for the bus I seen two bright white eyes looking at me way from the woods. They swayed back and forth before moving to the right and then disappearing

This is the kind of place I live also.

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I live down the street from the bay. We do have some people in our neighborhood who only live here in the summers as this area is the shore and where people come on vacation. Most of the people live here year round though. It’s a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Mostly white and virtually no crime. While I like the summers here because there is more to do, I love the winter because it is quiet. All of the shoobees go home and it’s just us year round folks. :sunny:

Cats will sometimes have green or white glowing eyes in the woods, but even so I have seen my share of phenomenon… Most of the best stuff I have seen isn’t on camera… a dead friend that looked fully 3D that me and another person both saw. A sleeping gnome type person curled up on the roots of an old Oak tree. Green tree spirits or auras shining out from the trunks of trees.
This little guy I did catch though… I wrote that stuff for someone who didn’t believe leprechauns were real, but actually I think this is a gnome…still might be what people thought were leprechauns…

corn field? you must be in Iowa! the sex offender post cards are a clue, Iowa seems to be into that for some reason.

I live in a house, here is my garden, i moved the hydrangea to the back yard, brought in some new soil to create a new raised bed for a new flower garden like the one with the hosta

this is sweet potato vine with some hyacinth bean fines over my antique lawn bench

this is my favorite raised bed, near my door, with the hosta and perennials accenting the light pole, I painted the wrought iron blue, so now my house is red, white, and blue, the colors with the blue and the flowers are quite nice


Nice flowers & garden… I also see you have a gnome statue…I have a similar gnome statue but it is unpainted… :frowning:
I am looking for an evergreen ground cover for the side of the house that is 3/4 shade, to keep the cats from pooping there…
Grass and ferns die, and I tried Periwinkle but planted 100 of those a few years ago and have only 1 left!. Am thinking of trying Partridge Berry this time to fill that in…

I seem to do much better with growing various types of evergreens like these, which are like twice this size now… (Red Cedar, Emerald Thuja, and Alberta dwarf spruce here…I also have Colorado blue, Norway, and Serbian spruce, and white pine elsewhere on the property that I planted))

These are some wild flowers in that area where the cats poop… I put good topsoil in there and tried the periwinkle but the cats use it and its all bare dirt now…

In my new neighborhood we have conservation land out back with trails that wind through the woods out to a brook. Evntually you come to the site of a mid 18th century water mill that is now a pile of rocks but you can see where it was dammed and where the water wheel would have been. Also lots of stone walls in the woods here as it was all farmland at one point.

It is very pretty back there…but this time of year you have to put on special protective clothing to keep ticks and mosquitos away…but bow hunting season starts soon which means I’m certainly not walking back there for a good while…