What to understand persecutory delusion?

What is the cause of persecutory delusion? Do people worry and fear in persecutory delusion or they believe someone will harm them. Is there any reason to accuse other for harming or its just an imagination and they start believing their imagination in paranoia

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It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be corrected by taking medication.


Why people claim false accusion in paronia

There is often a grain truth, sometimes the proofs are some hallucinations.

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My delusions of persecution mainly stem from severe childhood trauma.

It’s hard to not think of people like they want to hurt me. Some days I can’t even leave my house. I see my abuser in people more than I like to think of it. It’s scary

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Sometimes these beliefs come out of hearing negative voices accusing you of things or just putting you down and attacking you @Aman.
Isn’t your diagnosis just generalized anxiety?
Do you experience feelings of paranoia and persecution? Or are you still worrying about every psychiatric symptom you can read up on that’s part of diagnosis’s you don’t have?

One explanation of delusions is excess dopamine in your brain. Another is analytic theory where thoughts and feelings are projected and experienced as coming from the other person (Freud & other analysts).

Consider that the brain is a sophisticated highway of circuits whereby thousands of neurotransmitters can act as traffic signals. Among them is dopamine and glutamate. Egerton and her group have reinforced the increasing evidence suggests that abnormalities in glutamatergic transmission may be associated with psychosis risk. Glutamatergic dysfunction may impact on dopamine transmission ultimately causing psychosis.

Along with delusional disorder and schizophrenia, possibilities include neurodegenerative disorders or other disorders of the central nervous system (such as seizures or tumors), vascular diseases, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiencies, medication effects, substance use and some toxins.


Sorry if I sounded weird in that last post of mine. But I think maybe you should stop looking up possible symptoms of various disorders and worrying about them. If you’re problem is generalized anxiety, then these issues probably don’t apply to you.
If you’re experiencing paranoia and feelings of persecution maybe you should talk to your doctor about these issues.

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You are right i worry about psychiatric symptoms. So i am trying to understand these things

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