What to take for Anxiety

I take 3 Buspirone a day with Mirtazapine and Prozac. I also take herbs like ashwaganda, valerian root, and tranquiline. I used to take kava but I found out that it was illegal in some countries and it ruins your liver. I started having panic attacks in 2014 it was like 3 a week. My pdoc was adjusting my ap’s instead of giving me anxiety medicine. Well I started running and walking and working out and I have not had a anxiety attack in like 3 weeks. What pills or herbs or vitamins do you guys take for anxiety?

This is my regime :

When I get up I take

200mg L-theanine ,
2 pills of this :

Then at 7pm I take another 200mg of L-theanine

As a PRN on a very rare occasion I’ll take 1500mg of this (Beta alanine)


Beta Alanine is like a horse tranquilizer! But I don’t think taking it long term is healthy. So I only use it on a very rare occasion.

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I take diazepam as-needed. I know that benzos aren’t ideal, but I’m not comfortable taking anything that hasn’t been FDA regulated in the same way as other meds.

Edited to add: What I mean is that I want something that is able to make the claim that it helps. I have to be really careful about supplements because of other meds that I’m on. I can’t even eat greens! I have no issues with people that do, though. And I think exercise is an awesome way to help!

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Zoloft has helped my anxiety and depression. I still have some but not nearly as bad


Statistically, no medications are effective for anxiety long-term. Anxiety medication is supposed to be a stop gap while you work on the roots of your anxieties in therapy. CBT and exposure therapy can do wonders for anxiety disorders.

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A good walk and meditation work for me.

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I will tell you what shrinks usually do.

If you complain about anxiety/panic symptoms to them. They will usually give SSRI to you and short term benzo(such as clonazepam) along with SSRI. After one month, they will stop the benzo and continue your SSRI.

Heres list of meds for anxiety/panic



I take propranolol 20 mg it works well for me :wink::wink::wink::wink:


I was put on propranolol 80mgs twice daily for anxiety and high blood pressure


I take 1mg clonazepam every night. Have been doing it for years and never needed to raise the dose.

I’m sure my body is dependent on it, but my pdoc says it’s fine. Not looking forwards to coming off it if I ever need too.

But whoa has it helped my anxiety.