What to say if a man exposes himself

Did you learn that meticulousness from your mother? I’m amazed. Usually, we MI’s are neglectful of self. You are quite an exception.

Some village is missing their idiot?!??


I’m told that Shirley Temple laughed when someone exposed himself to her and she was yet a child. She said she laughed 'til the tears ran down her face.

@Andrew hahaha my man slime on the floor? :joy:
It’s great you’re able to shower so often

I remember an email joke that was forwarded to me where some girl is making fun of some guy and she said “I’ve seen joints bigger than that.” I laughed so hard.

some assisted living / psych wards put uninhibited patients on androcur and that usually takes care of it

Get a kitchen knife and cut his meat + veg off!

OMG lol 1515q515

“You need more wiener in your schnitzel.”

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What’s up? Probably not you…at least it doesn’t appear so lol

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I’d chuckle and say " you’re exposing that little thing?"

Right. “Don’t you think you need to protect such a poor, sickly thing?”

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This guy had an answer.


I remember this! :smile:
1974 Academy Awards.

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Correct! Go to the head of the class!

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