What to say if a man exposes himself

I could use a drink of water.

Did something happen?

I would say: “I’ve seen better”. Or, “Looks kind of tiny to me”.


How about “Hello, police?”


You’re not going to believe this, but, once, it was a policeman who exposed himself.


Oh and my grandmother is the queen. You know when a sentence starts with “your not going to believe this” it is normally highly questionable.

Was this to you or on tv?

Easy now, he might have just been in the pool recently

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I would call the cops. That’s illegal and wrong.


We had a patient in the hospital who did this, he just got yelled at by staff. I’d never seen another man’s junk until I went to this specific ward. Another time my roommate just strips in front of me like I’m not there.

What do you do if the exposer is a cop, himself? There was no one to turn to.

That’s so scary. I’m sorry. I guess I’d try reporting it to another cop, but they have a tendency to protect each other.

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I was quite a mess after that. I ran to a psych unit hospital and consequently lost my job. It was back in 1971 when mental illness was still surrounded by mostly ignorance.

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That’s really messed up. I’m sorry that happened to you.

Yeah, it made me hate Hollanders permanently.

Wait, are you saying it was real? How do you know he was a police officer, was he in uniform?

Yes, he was in uniform.

That is pretty messed up, I would of reported him.

Loool or just start laughing

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