What to Know About New Study Linking Cannabis to Suicidal Thoughts

I’m looking into CBD oil for pain and side effects related to physical and mental health. I don’t want to smoke anything right now with my lung issues, but the pain and headaches from trying to quit smoking plus all these new meds is unbearable. I am thinking CBD oil is the way to go, and will be safer than THC/Marijuana. I can’t say marijuana ever made me feel suicidal, although when I was high it made me think outside the box and feel a sense of happiness/relaxed…have to be careful with supplements, esp. herbal ones.

EDIT: nevermind it says it interacts with blood thinners. Seems like nothing will provide me relief. I’ve lost interest in everything after being put on the Aristada and all these new meds. I have gained another 30 pounds on top of feeling depressed/like not doing anything. I hope this will pass. My psychiatrist says to give the Aristada time to work. I’ve been on it over two weeks now and its working–I feel worse and mentally repressed.

I can’t stop taking blood thinners or I could have a stroke or die. I’m now completely dependent on Big Pharma.

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