What to do with 125k

Do you think the market is high? Should I hold the money in a low interest account and wait for a downturn in the market?

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the s and p 500 is among the highest it’s been in its history. but people who try to time the market almost never get it right. even though out history, if you invested at one of the peaks, it wouldn’t take you long to double your money, usually in at least ten years, and that’s when it’s at the worst possible time to invest. and if you’re in it for life, which you should be, it’s not a problem. investing at the worst of the great depression was bad, but you got your money back within about ten or so years and had an 8% yearly return on average over the next decades. the historical return for the s and p is ten percent a year, average, which is enough to double every seven years. you could double every ten years at 7 percent.

but i wouldn’t stop at the s and p 500. the s and p is made of of ‘large cap’ companies. if you invest in mid cap indexes and small cap indexes, you always do better over longer periods of time. if you invest in ‘value’ indexes, funds that are on average undervalued, you do better over longer periods of time too. what’s so great right now about value funds, is that they are expected to do average in the short term, which is good, like maybe ten percent a year, when the s and p is expected to struggle, short term. almost every professional thinks it’s time for ‘value’ funds to outperform. you could also invest in real estate investment trusts REITs, which also have a history of out performing the s and p 500.

here is an article looking at the past eight decades, with the writer being where i first got introduced to small cap, small cap value and all those types of investments. the author has a lot of articles examining the performance of various asset classes.

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Would you invest in gold and silver also?

Buy a house or invest in the government and big tech companies.

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Get my dentures. Buy a different vehicle. Give some to my friend who runs a charity for homeless and low income families. Bank the rest.

in my opinion, gold and silver are bets against the US economy. those types of investments go up when there’s recessions or stimulous money being sent to people. but it’s anyone’s bet when they will go up and down. i’m next to certain we will be advancing economically again, so even if gold goes up short term, it will probably go down eventually. my bottomline is that i bet for the US economy, so i go for the index funds, which is where most rich people get their money, and where it grows quick.

i used to be a landlord, but that aint for me. you can’t be too nice or a push over, and you have to be always be fixing things and responding to problems. stocks and REITs can often match a rental property, without the hassle of being a landlord. i guess if you can get property cheap enough, and are hard nosed enough, willing to evict people if necessary even, then maybe it could work. i’ve did it, and it ain’t for me.

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Don’t do stocks now dude defenitly if you don’t know anything about it. If I was you I’d buy a piece of land and renovate a ruin or build a little house, if you’re a little handy that is… And I’d invest the rest in crypto when the bull run is over and the market is bearish again. And i second gold, the dollar is going down every day.

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How do you invest in the government?

Idk but my brother is. Its almost no risk but the gains are less than big tech companies. My brother invests in the government and big tech companies. He reads a lot about it on Reddit. There is a section about stocks, investing money, etc

If you want a solid investment, and the housing market is fairly low in your area, you might consider buying a house.

For myself personally, it is the cheapest option… Far cheaper than renting an apartment here, which go for anywhere between $1,200 and $1,800 typically for a one bedroom

If you don’t want to make a large purchase, you could stick it in a GIC. Even at 1%, you would bring in an extra $1,500 a year. It really depends what you want more


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