What to do my friend tried to commit suicide

she’s currently waiting for an ambulance at the hospital

how can i support her? she’ll likely end up in the same psych ward where I am :frowning:

The team will help her through it focus on you but it’s sweet you think of her


sorry to hear your friend tried to commit suicide… i hope she gets some help soon.

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yeah i hope that too

I hope the reason why she did it isnt bc of me

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why would she do it because of you?

Maybe she became depressed bc i got admitted to the ward or something

not sure though

ah yea, i hope that’s not the reason either…

yeah :frowning: atleast she is safe here now (i saw her)

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that’s good! 151515

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All you can do is show her that you love her and be with her. Don’t blame yourself for any of it.

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I’m glad your friend is in hospital and is safe. Just be a listening and supportive ear to your friend.

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