What to cook for dinner? A poll

  • Cheesy Ramen noodles
  • Pizza from the store

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I had pizza today for dinner …

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I voted for pizza because it’s more filling. I myself am having cup noodles

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It looks like pizza is winning. I’d rather have homemade pizza bc it tastes delicious but I don’t have enough flour for the dough and my sister’s at her daughter’s house for a few days. She’s the pizza toppings expert. We baste our homemade dough with olive oil and garlic. It makes the pizza come out delicious. @Pikasaur also if you add an egg or two to your ramen noodles it is pretty filling.

I do that sometimes! I just can’t afford eggs right now.

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Hey Did you take that job in Greece?

I did! I’m leaving on saturday


Do they speak English there or will you have to learn Greek?

They speak English, but I’ll be taking Greek lessons

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Nelson Mandela Quotes

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language , that goes to his heart .

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Ramen noodles have no nutritional value and loaded with salt.

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There was a famine in China once. They mixed dirt with water to make soup just to fill their stomachs. Sometimes it’s better to have something bad to eat versus nothing to eat. Besides cheese and eggs have nutritional value.

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