What time of day do you take abilify?

I seem to get different results depending on what time of day I take abilify. If I take it at night, I get to sleep through the down time I get after taking it. If I take it at midday, I feel like a get a sub par day, but without big drops in energy.

It takes a while for my system to get used to taking it at a different time, so experimenting is very slow.

What time do you take abilify? How does it work out for you?

I take it as soon as I wake up. I do not seem to notice the down time upon taking it that you mention. Then again, I have always taken it in the mornings, so I might just not know otherwise. Also I have my cups of coffee straight afterwards. In general this med seems to start and stop working very gradually for me. That is to say, if I happen to miss a dose one day I do not notice a lot of difference

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When i was on Abilify i took it at different times each day and i didn’t really notice any different effects depending on the time taken. I was on 15mg. I didn’t like that drug but then again i haven’t liked any of the drugs and i’ve been on six different ones up to now.

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I used to take in 2 divided doses - 5 mg AM - 10 or 15 mg Before bedtime

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