What time is it?

It is 8:30 am here where I am.

7.32 am here… woke up early today

Very close to 3pm here.

You in Turkey, Russia, Israel…?

2:54 am. Schfifteen characters

It is 9:54 AM here

He is in Finland

Yup; makes sense.

3:00 AM in Minnesota

We are the same time zone!!! Why you up anyway, I thought you were all into Ambien now?

Hah. Have a script but I take it sparingly. Just drinking. The night is better than the day.

Spooky I’m in every bodies future. Horse 6 race 5 Ascot.

Agreed schfifteen

Time is as irrelevant as reality.

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Tick tock 11pm here central standard time :watch:

Time is irrelevant lunchtime doubly so - Oh look! It’s lunchtime here.

It’s 11:15 p.m. where I am in Oklahoma.

11:32 PM 8/2/2015. Half an hour until the official start of my birthday.

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It is now.

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And I am here! :slight_smile:

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