What time is it where everyone is right now?

Its 02:25am in the uk

8:40pm Minnesota US

6:42pm, California

its’s now 02:44am


9:45 PM in Florida, USA (where I live in Florida).

11:26 pm in indiana.

5:33 pm new zealand

10:27 am here in Kathmandu Nepal…!!!

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4:50 Ireland , and someone is walking on roof above me… Cats doesn’t produce the volumes and forces such. I’d like to casually slice the throat or two.

But I believe they can do first, and make me disapear quicker. Thats what they do right? Since I have no idea how their look. And I get recognized at every step no matter where I go. ■■■■■■■ Cia punks… My brain hurts bad

It’s 11:58 in Indiana

'bout ten o clock

I don’t know much about Kathmandu but they have a Kathmandu store here that sells jackets and things for hiking and camping outdoor adventure stuff it gets cold here in the winter so I will buy a Kathmandu jacket.

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1256 AM in South Carolina

@Big-guns sup my man…???
do u have skype ad if yes send me ur ad in pms…!!

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Na I don’t have Skype sorry

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08:29 am Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Now it’s 1:15 pm …Time for my appointment…!!!

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