What things do you enjoy most in life?

A lot of the things i used to really like, i don’t like anymore. My favorite things now are, the internet, music, tv, and collecting old junk.
I like to cook but it’s not one of my favorite things.
I don’t have anything anymore that i really look forward to and really enjoy. Do you ?

I never look forward to anything anymore except for doing drugs and sleeping, which I try not to do too much. Sounds depressing maybe, but I’m learning to not think so much about the future and just be happy with the present, so it’s not all bad.

I love music and nature. Playing with my cat and/or petting him. Spending quality time with family. A good talk with a friend. A good cappuccino. Traveling.

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I like to watch the Public Broadcasting Station in America. My favorite PBS shows are Frontline and Nova.

Reading, sleeping, going home from work, snuggling with pets, drinking cocoa, seeing my niece and nephew, going to hockey games.

I love my bed, it’s awful. I have eight layers of blankets and sheets and duvets on it right now. Nothing better in the world than snuggling up in it.

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i like cheese, and tea, oh and fresh air

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There is one other thing I look forward to all the time… warm sunlight on my skin.

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a little bit of friendship like i have h ere with you.

going to the public library.

playing piano, violin.

talking on the phone with my granddaughter (whose just a toddler).


I enjoy the relationship with my mother. I also enjoy the time I spend with friends who meet with me regularly. I like my bed and my pillows. I enjoy the breeze when i walk up the hill. I like snacks like crispy cream puff and waffle. I like good food. I like kittens but I’m too broke to get myself another one! I like to pay steady effort on certain goals. I have a saving goal and a weight loss goal at present.

its dark and hell is hot …
nothin but i enjoy everythin… :pray:

Family. Friends. Photography. Cooking. Reading. Writing. Doodling on my piano. Podcasting. Volunteer work. It’s a good life.