What they were not told about schizophrenia?

do you think there is something that scientists / psychiatrists know about schizophrenia and who never told people?

sz is faulty wiring of the brain.

I don’t think that anybody knows the hows and why’s of brain function.

I’m sure they are willing to tell us - but without the science background I doubt I have enough expertise to understand it.

There are no conspiracies in this area though - if thats what you’re thinking.

I hate to disagree, but I have to. IN the profession, it’s widely known by a goodly portion of more evolved people that there are movers and shakers in Big Pharma (more on the business side, and more on the major investment fund managers on the boards of directors) who want sz to be considered to be almost exclusively a matter of genetic predisposition or even absolute and complete etiology.

The supposed evidence for this view comes almost completely from genetic research funded by… Big Pharma. (Well, duh.) (“Hey! There’s money in this! BIG money! And the shareholders who pay my commissions want that money… and so do I!”)

The evidence for the opposing point of view tends to come from far more sparsely funded research – and piles of anecdotal observation from case files clear back to Freud’s day – suggesting that while sz has (or seems pretty likely to have) complex, genetic pre-dispostions… it’s every bit as rooted in behavioral conditioning running the gamut from mothers who can’t connect with – and therefore cannot attune or sooth – their infants, and fathers who are overbearing or so distant from their children as to be seen as either monsters or ciphers… to early life trauma that itself runs the gamut from single events that are just plain overwhelming to the limbic and autonomic nervous systems… to relentless mini-traumas caused by parents who double-bind their children with demands to do this and do that even though this and that are mutually conflicting.

In 28 years of dealing with all manner of mentally disturbed people, I have seen both ends of the “diathesis-stress model” (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diathesis–stress_model and http://www.schizophrenic.com/articles/schizophrenia/diathesis-stress-theory) too many times to be able to support complete belief in all the subtle (and obvious) baloney suggested by those who get their paychecks directly or indirectly from Big Pharma.

NOW. That said, there’s also an agreement among many MHPs that keeping mum about the family-of-origin problems is in the best interest of the patients, especially those who have to depend upon their parents for support. Their view is that widespread public knowledge of what I have explained here would get in the way of such parent support… and there would be tens or hundreds of thousands of sz pts whose parents would never bring them to a doc or a clinic for fear of being accused of willfully inducing sz in their children.

Such, I’m afraid is the nature of the world we live in. But don’t worry about this going too far. 25 people (tops) will read this here… and then forget about it.


Sure - I agree with this. But at the same time I think if you talk with lots of researchers they would agree that its biology and genetics that drive schizophrenia - and the amount of each that drives things varies greatly by individual.

We discussed this many years ago in this posting:


The topic has come up a zillion times in the professional world. It’ll probably come up a few more times here. :relaxed:

Big Pharma is in the genetics/genomics business now as well, and don’t forget it’s still a capitalist system even if there are only a limited number of players. They are all competing for that money. And we are getting better drugs as a result.

Still I’d feel better if the patent terms were shorter, so there would be more incentive to develop new ones on a faster track.


I should add that blaming one’s parents is pointless, useless and counterproductive, regardless of the degree of the parents’ mens rea (lookitup). “I am not responsible for my disease; I am responsible for my recovery” is usually the best policy.


Crazy, that’s pretty much exactly what my family was like. There’s no sz on either side of my family, only me.


The problem is in the brain though. Kind of like nebuchanezzar. That ■■■■■■■ only got seven years though, wtf?!

Seriously?! I got it worse than him?!

Yes, there is a conspiracy in this area.

There are those with the knowledge of everything that my “disease” really is and why it happens. They don’t seem to be telling anyone do they? Thats what one would call conspiratorial isn’t it?

You can learn more about schizophrenia by studying witchcraft than you can going to school.


I’ve seen the diathesis-stress thingie too many times now to buy into the exclusively pharmacological (thus, exclusively diathesis) position. There are times when it’s way more stress than diathesis (possibly including yourself), but if what you have is really sz and not a PTSD- and/or cognitively-driven psychosis, there’s probably a little bit of genetics – or epigenetics – in the etiological mix somewhere.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diathesis–stress_model, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epigenetics, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiology… if definitions are necessary

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I told my mother once that she was one of the reasons I went into therapy. I remember reading in college textbooks about how they thought “bad parenting” especially of the mother might be the cause of the sz. Now, they seem to have debunked it. I know it is Big Pharmas hand in this. They do want us to think it is biological/genetic so we have to buy their dangerous concoctions. I don’t think we should dismiss the community’s, society’s, culture’s hand in this. We have been fragmented as a society. We have become technologically based. We don’t communicate with each other, “animals” and nature as much as we used to. We have thus seen a rise in all types of mental illness; including addictions, abuse, and bullying. Most of us have been dissuaded from being our true selves or embarking on our true path of destiny and purpose in our lives. Reclaiming ourselves and our connection to nature, God, and community will heal us more than anything Big Pharma can do for us. Take a walk outside in the sunshine of nature and talk to the Creator. It is healing. Healing and change begin from within you. Take care y’all.


Some mad scientists somewhere is probably already found the right combination of chemicals to permanently eliminate our illness but he would rather make a lot more money by revealing his discovery one med at a time instead of revealing thee cure which can be grown legally in our own backyards . We are still corruptible by the ways of this world, and they probably need our money to develop better meds anyway. And since our lives are pretty much looking like a waste to them they think they can milk us for $ for what’s left of it. And Hey, I really don’t mind because this illness can make one lazy anyhow.

Idk if they are not telling us things about schizophrenia but maybe they are not telling us what they don’t know. Maybe they are not telling us what they are refusing to accept. There are psychic and paranormal answers to the question and they are refusing to accept that.


That doesn’t explain/answer what the primary aetiology is? It just says you can’t separate physiology from psychology & environment. Whose to say within different cases what the individual weightings are? In cases, even a majority, the primary aetiology may well be psychogenic - as concluded by Jung & many others - that’s what is suppressed, denied & ignored.

It all has to do with the dominant World view/Paradigm - & for the past 300 years that has been scientific materialism/biomedical reductionism. It has nothing to do with what the actual truth is of these ‘conditions’/experiences.

The spiritual/transpersonal/paranormal - whatever way you want to define it, is totally excluded.

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that mercury, copper, aluminium, lead, cadmium can really mess up your brain cells, oh look a brain scan this will lead to more rearch and better treatments so that industrial lobbyists can go on poisoning future generations to come, breaking news scientists have discovered that lead poisoning in mice causes schiziphrenia, tell us something we don’t know

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I really don’t think that there’s a conspiracy to hold back knowledge on mental disorders for the sake of monetary profit because there are billions of people with fully functioning brains ands millions of them are in some cases dedicating their lives to reaching the next level on consciousness through spirituality, alternative means etc.

so if their was a breakthrough we would know about it.

I think that big pharma isn’t aware and doesn’t care about their limitations also I don’t think they have a cure for sz that they are withholding…I mean come on they can’t even develop a anti-allergy med that doesn’t have possible death as a side effect.

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SzAdmin is obliosly not Sz…

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