What the voices say to me today

Does she wash her hands in the toilet?
Run away from them
Feel pain or else
I’m the master of your mind
You have hurt people

Your voices sound like total dicks.

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She must live in the USA


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My voices are telling me to hurt myself I wish I could get rid of the voices

yeah they are its real bad I have men and women.

mine are telling me that they are going to kill me unless i do what they say. if i were to do what they said i would never be able to look my family, including my children in the eye again. i can’t do it and i won’t do it. and why should i have to?
voices are nothing but splinters of your own mind…it’s a brain playing out dream characters or nightmare characters and that is all.
the people that own these nightmare characters however are real people. it just so happens that after intolerable situations, my mind has decided to replay them with it;s own story or interactive narrative.
some of these people in real life would not have the faintest idea who i am. but a certain percentage of them know who i am. as in my mind some of these people are despicable in real life. for some of them there is no word that adequately describes how disgusting and savage they are.

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