What the mind reader allready know


hey @TheGreatestDrZen Good morning…:alien:

well good morning too you far_cry

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When I have a return of the delusion that people are scanning my thoughts, I have a routine I go through in my thoughts:

Step 1) sigh
Step 2) think of a neon sign that says "mind reading is an invasion of privacy and unconstitutional"
Step 3) Fill up on curse words and think them loudly. You ◘◘◘◘ I want my privacy. Stop reading my mind.
Step 4) relax and go about my business.
Step 5) Befriend the person and ask them questions about themselves, thereby endearing yourself to them while extracting evidence from them of their guilt or innocence on the anti-constitutional crime of mind reading.
lol just kidding about that last one (or am I?)


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