What the hell is in my water....By Dr Zen

what is in your water, ? do you know… here we have salt brin dumped in and field runoff, other then that it ok, not skunky or oily .

This past summer when I was going crazy the grocery store I go to was selling massive amounts of cheap cases of bottled water and I’d see people with like two or three cases in their carts. The only thing I could think of was that it was a polluted city well over by the airport which used to be an airforce base. This was probably it, but it was driving me crazy wondering whether I should have been drinking the water where I was staying.

A wonderful river where a great waterfall is near my home accidentally got over run with sewage once the weather started warming up and a pipe burst. The river isn’t used for drinking water, but lots of fish have died, and from what I understand you don’t want to visit the river or waterfall…

We have a small tributary between a large salt marsh pool and the ocean called “stinky creek” I remember playing in it as a child with my brother and sister and it stank back then. Well it turns out the smell is from people’s septic systems draining into it…yuck. I cringe whenever I drive by and see kids still playing in it as we did. I guess their finally making an effort to solve the problem. Hell, I remember in the 80’s our sewage pipe went right out the back yard and into a salt water bay…and that was perfectly exceptable. But then apparently all sorts of horrors were perfectly exceptable back then and then some.