What the heck is wrong with george zimmerman

really, can’t stay out of the news for more than 6 months…?

I shouldn’t jump to conclusions

Sounds like he was the target of a shooting…maybe someone who spited him for being innocent.

This guy should gtfo of florida !

no kidding :dizzy_face:

I don’t believe he’s innocent. He blamed Obama for making it a racial killing. He killed that young man and he walks free…God will set him straight when he dies. Same with O. J. Simpson.

Yeah I meant that he was ruled innocent, not that he was innocent. Sorry for that mis-clarification.

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It’s true that he was guilty but trayvon was no angel. If you physically assault someone with a gun you cant be surprised if you get shot but that gave zimmerman no right to execute him.

Zimmerman stalked Trayvon. Trayvon was defending himself. sounds like you are in favor of Zimmerman. shame on you.

stalking someone doesnt give someone the right to physically attack. both zimmerman and trayvon were wrong. im just pointing out they were both idiots.

zimmerman had no right to stalk trayvon, but trayvon should of called the cops on zimmerman instead of attacking him. the amount of people with guns in the south east usa is nuts. if you physically attack someone in south east usa, you cant be surprised if you get shot.

You obviously are getting your news from fox news or something. Trayvon was a victim and Zimmerman staying in the news for his behavior all the time is proof that he was the guilty one.

Nope, i get my news from google and various new sources. The fact is that trayvon physically attacked zimmerman but zimmerman was harassing him. Both were clearly in the wrong and should be in prison.

Folks - this isn’t worth arguing about. Lets just drop the discussion - I don’t think anyone here is going to sway anyone’s opinion on things one way or another and I sure don’t claim to know that much about the issue or the men involved.

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