What tea do you drink

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is that similar to Chai?

I get that when I go out.

I drink herbal teas at night when I can’t have coffee. My favorite is hibiscus tea mixed with linden flower tea. I also like chamomile tea.

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Hibiscus to lower my 140/90 blood pressure.

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Earl Grey is my favorite, sadly my budget calls for No Name


I drink coffee. Tea never substitutes my coffee because of strong caffeine in it. I’d like to try tea though.

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Three ginger pukka. It’s got licorice in it too.
I drink it wen I’ve got a bad cough


I drink two types of tea, one is the black tea of Dilmah brand, English Breakfast in particular; another is Chinese green tea , Longjing. Longjing is very expensive, about 300 US $ for 1kg. I usually drink 1kg each year.

I would try Earl Grey of Dilmah next year.


I had a Russian black tea that was a delight to drink but I don’t know what it’s called.

Someone had left it at my bf place.
I can’t find it anywhere.
I can’t remember what it was called.

I love :two_hearts: going to tea shops.

I used to buy loose tea in a bag and have a tea holder.

I used to try new flavours.
The scent smell in these cozy shops is gorgeouzzz.

I love :two_hearts: yogi tea aswell but they are expensive.

I treated myself to some recently.
There is a liquorice one that’s sweet and nice and you drink it with out milk.

Peppermint and camomile are nice.

I also like strong regular black tea.
Have a double strength one at home.

Chai tea I love :two_hearts: and ice tea too.

I mainly drink coffee and do not drink tea daily but I have family that ate big on tea and drink it several timed a day and they were have their special tea maker who they say makes the best tea so they rather he makes all of the teas.

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having a cup of Tazo Chai right now

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